Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My eyes take turns twitching when I'm stressed. Lately my right eye has been active, but this morning, my left eye has taken over. It's no big deal. It usually means I need some more sleep (or a bubble bath). Truthfully, I got lots of sleep last night, but was very restless and had nightmares & stuff, hence the twitch. Last week, I looked like a total dork at work when I threw a flannel heating pack into the microwave and sat through a meeting with it over my eye.

I'd planned to share a pic of a new knitting project that I was going to start at lunch today, but I just looked at the ball band for the yarn and oops! wrong weight. The pattern calls for mercerized cotton, and I assumed that the Rowan 4ply Soft that I had in my stash was the same weight. Not even close. I will find different yarn at home and cast on for the Victorian Baby Bonnet (from Knitalong) at another time. Looks like I'll be just reading at lunch.

Cass ReadingReading
I ran across a book I'd misplaced awhile ago (Nancy Atherton's Aunt Dimity and the Deep Blue Sea) and I decided to re-read the series starting from that point. It turns out that the friend who recommended the series to me isn't a huge fan anymore, but I still love the books. I like it when a main character is flawed and human.

Books I won't be reading: with the exception of any Cross sequels, anything by James Patterson is off my list, especially if the book is a collaboration. I've started to wonder if the collaborations are mostly by the second writer, but with Patterson's name on top to promote sales? The guy is putting out a new book every couple of months, it seems, and I've not been to impressed with the ones I've tried recently. He could have a huge stash of books put away, but I'd be very surprised if he wasn't just consulting with these writers and getting top billing as part of the deal.

I've really enjoyed some of his books (The Jester (a collaboration) & most of the Alex Cross books), but one of them was so bad that I've had to draw the line. I got Maximum Ride, thinking it was a continuation of the When the Wind Blows series. I didn't bother reading the fly leaf or anything; I just dove right in. It wasn't long before I was so confused that I put the book down for close to a year. The first series was about a group of genetically engineered kids who could fly. Their leader was a girl named Max. The new series? About a group o f genetically engineered kids who can fly, whose leader is a girl named Max. But they're different series. The book I have even has a disclaimer on the flyleaf (if I'd bothered to read it); however, a paperback version of it or a sequel states that it's a sequel to When the Wind Blows. Is it stupidity, carelessness or greed?


gwensmom said...

Do we get a review from the cat too?

Melissa said...

She's a slower reader, but is inclined to agree with me. Atherton's books have a cat (named Stanley), which makes her happy.