Sunday, June 29, 2008

3 AM

You find the coolest things when you find yourself wide awake at 3 AM and check your Bloglines. This post has a video as well.

The book isn't real
, by the way: it's a spoof, and the video is a spoof of the bios on VH1. Dave Lowe is a friend of Vickie's (he's worked on her show) and this isn't the first time I've run across knitting on his blog. The first time I read it, I scanned back a few days and found this: "Don't buy Knit Aid" (Vickie Howell's new book). Because she has a sense of humor, I'm thinking I will buy the book.


Dave Lowe said...

Hey Melissa,

I'm glad you liked the post. What a crazy blog world it is that you're a knitter and found my knitting humor (and working with Vickie Howell) via PUMPKINROT.

Love of Halloween unites the world, LOL.


Alberta & Ava said...

I also awakened tooo early (as I frequently do) and discovered you had returned to our party. I'm so glad you did and that you left a comment because that led me to your blog. If you see a mad woman lurking around at odd hours, it will be me!

Alberta & Ava said...

Oh, Halloween is my favorite holiday too. Wouldn't a Halloween blog bash be fun? I've been thinking about hosting one....

shiborigirl said...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for stopping by for tea - I'm just worn out from all this frolicking!

I'm so glad to be meeting so many new people.

Stop in anytime - I love company.