Monday, June 23, 2008


I have weird ears. Decent hearing (when I'm paying attention), ridiculously narrow ear canals, according to the E-N-T doc, and Miniere's disease (okay, that's the inner ear). Also, my iPod earbuds hurt. They do not fit in the normal way, and actually hurt quite a bit if I wear them that way.

So, I'm looking for alternatives. Preferably under $20, even better if they're less than $10. Suggestions appreciated. Simply put: I need something that a small child could comfortably use.

Midsummer Festival (WoW)
I've been slowly leveling my undead (shadow) priest on World of Warcraft. I reached level 50 yesterday. It's slow-going when you have a guild of two and a pretty intense fear of dungeons. Just hitting all of the horde bonfires during this festival will get me pretty close to the next level. I hit a couple of allie bonfires last night, which was fun (double experience).

This festival beats the Easter celebration (whatever they called it -- oh, wait -- Noblegarden) into the ground. I think it would be fun to join a group and hit as many alliance fires as possible.

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Well, Mel, I had just been looking for something Totoro-related (I know, I'm much too old for Japanese cartoon/movie stuff, but it's a long story. Anyway, they had a ton of earbuds, and it seems something will be on the smaller side--here's a link:
The site is, and I don't know if it's US based or not, if it matters--Good luck!

Dawn said...

Delurking to say..Sorry don't have any suggestions for ear pieces but I share your pain... my ears are shaped a bit strangely and so any earpiece that sits in the ear kills me. And when did I miss that you play WoW? lol. What server are you on? I only have a level 30 elemental shaman and level 26 shadow priest on the horde side but I do have a 66 warlock on the alliance side if you ever need help. I'm on Sisters of Elune.