Friday, June 13, 2008

Crafty Fun Friday

knitted strawberryWelcome to my first Crafty Fun Friday in my new home! Feel free to check out the past entries at the old place.

This picture goes with the first project in the list: a knitted strawberry. I made this for a swap I did some time back.

(knitting) Knitted strawberry

(sewing) Simple Monster Softy

(sewing) Reversible Headbands, via Whip-up

(crafting with kids) Balloon Balls (for fun or squeezing)

(knitting) Easy Vertical scarf (striped, with the right kind of yarn)

(printing) Print Levenger's Quote of the Day on a bookmark. via fullfaun.

(crafting) Fabric Scrap Pom-pom

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