Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh, Energizer

And, to make things a little lighter:
After writing about my non-love for Energizer's Energi-to-Go doohicky, I thought it would be nice if I them know how I felt about it. It's not fair to gripe publicly about something the person/company doesn't even know about. In my experience, companies usually blow off complaints. Occasionally they try to make things right. I didn't really have an agenda, because I didn't expect a response. In hindsight, yes, a replacement would have been nice.

They get points for responding to my message within 24 hours. (I actually think it was just a couple of hours, but didn't note the time.) I think there's been a misunderstanding. Since I didn't expect even a response, I didn't ask for anything - not even a replacement. They seem to think that I want to send them this thing that I paid ~$20 for, in return for a vague promise of compensation, so they can look at it. I don't know what "compensate" means to them in this context. Does it mean replace? When would it be replaced? I actually use the thing (with rubber bands holding it together) about once a week. I'm not going out to buy another back-up charger so they can satisfy their curiosity. Do people do this?

I declined, so they offered me a $5 coupon. Still not getting it.

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