Friday, June 20, 2008

Pork and Beans; Robots

This is such a fun video! I was happy to hear it on the radio recently -- wish they'd play it more.

For a bit of extra fun, check out this page, which has all of the memes referenced in the video.

Firefox 3
John showed me a cool trick with the newest version of Firefox (downloaded it yet?) because he knows I like robots. Enter about:robots (no space) in the URL bar.

Can you name all of the references?

Click the link below for the answers and to see what happened when I clicked the button.

You get a button that says "Please do not click this button again." When you click that button... well, you should try it for yourself.

Tab/Page title: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Vist you in peace...: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Robots may not injure...: Isaac Asimov's first rule of robotics
Robots have seen things...: Bladerunner
Robots are Your Plastic Pal...: Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy
Robots have sniny metal posteriors: Futurama
...And they have a plan: Battlestar Galatica (?)

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