Friday, June 27, 2008

Crafty Fun Friday, 27 June 08

first sock complete
Look! It's a sock!! Here's another view! Another hurdle mastered. Well, not mastered, but I'm not afraid of them anymore. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever be able to tackle these things that have intimidated me for so long. I've already cast on for #2. Specifics here.

I could go on and on about how much I love the colors, and how they come together without pooling.

(giving) Wrapping gifts with fabric (diagram), from angry chicken. (It's Furoshiki, which is more than just wrapping gifts, but this would be my application.)

(sewing) Cozy, Quick Blanket - I love the ric-rac edging!

(playing) Icy Treasures, via greetingarts

(playing) Sponge Balls, via Crafty Crow

(lunching) Also via Crafty Crow, I'm loving this Muffin Tin Monday idea. The "Monday" part is a meme, if you wanted to join, but otherwise, I think most kids would get a kick out of this. Clicking around on some of the participants' blogs, it looks like it's getting picky eaters to eat more/try new things. Sweet!

(crafting) Recycled Cake Plates. What a cute idea! Via sycamore stirrings.

(stitching) Cross-stitch & Embroidery alphabets - type in your text and get the chart or back-stitch pattern. Nifty! via Whip-up.

(cooking) Will someone make this for me? Fudge w/ a layer of bacon.

(sewing) Pencil case.

(crafting) Getting married? Check out this list of how-tos for flowers, beaded combs, etc.

(baking) Glazed Orange Scones. Yummy.

(crocheting) I'm serious this time. Will someone make me a couple of these acorn necklaces? I'll trade for something good.

(reading) I discovered a couple of new blogs this week, and wanted to share them: Derfwad Manor & 3rd Eye Muse. You should definitely check them out!

(celebrating) Cake decorating with Starbursts.

(lunching) Summer Lunch, including a tomato pie recipe and mini cheesecakes. I want that pan!

(cutting) This is the first tutorial for cutting fabric into one long strip w/o sewing that made sense to me. Via Whip-up.

(everything) Monster list of shoes & slippers tutorials. Also via Whip-up.


KarenD said...

Congratulations on the sock!

I would have sworn you'd made socks before. I guess it must have been mittens I was thinking of? Something with fiddly bits anyway. :)

Natasha Burns said...

Yay for you with the gorgeous sock! Love the cool links too!