Monday, June 30, 2008

Felted Bowls: Not for Soup

Felted Bowls: Not for soupThat's what the little sign I made for the upcoming craft show says. Hopefully, it's not too corny!

I made a bunch of these for the craft show, but one of the orange ones is going to the winner of the Tea Party drawing (along with some other Halloweeny goodies).

I really had a blast! I made sure to click on every single link in the participant list; it took me a very long time! For my drawing, I entered everyone that commented in that post, plus any participants that commented in other posts during the weekend (and today).

I really appreciate you dropping by, and hope some of you have decided to pop back in now & again.

The winner is (Drumroll Please):

Bluemuf, aka Karen.

Karen wins one of my orange felted bowls, plus a few other Halloween goodies. I've been in touch for her address. Congrats, and thanks ever so much for stopping by!

PS: Karen -- I've sent a couple of different emails. If you still aren't getting them, I've updated my profile so you can email me through that.

1 comment:

bluemuf said...

Oh Melissa, the orange felted bowl is fantastic. I just love them. I couldn't write you as blogger doesn't give out e-mail addresses when you leave a reply. You can reach me at and then I can send you my address

Thank you so very much