Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book Reading

I'm a little late with sharing my experience at the Laurie R. King/The Language of Bees book signing last Monday.

laurie r king reading may09What happened is, I really didn't feel like going, but knew I'd regret it if not. (I wasn't ill, certainly not contagious, just meh.) I thought I'd arrive early... not early enough: the place was packed! Seating was managed, and I ended up in a makeshift first row, just off to the side instead of in front.

This was my first reading/author talk, and I did not know what to expect. I certainly couldn't tell you if Mrs. King is a typical author or not. She has a very self-deprecating manner, and is quite funny. She read a short chapter that I had just finished, from near the beginning of the book, talked a bit about her process and inspiration, then took questions. Lots and lots of questions. I didn't ask any myself, but there was no lack. Finally, it was time to line up for the signing. Everyone had a ticket, and they had us line up in groups of ten, so we were free to wander about the store & shop until our group was called. I'm not a big autograph collector, but a) I feel a little differently about authors v. other personalities, and b) I was already there.

When I finally got to the table, I gave her a little bee pin that I'd made awhile ago... and said just that. Felt dumb for awhile, but it was the truth after all: I made it a long time ago, when I made such things, and gave her one of the couple I'd saved for all these years. I did find out that she's a cat person, too.

Everyone talked so fondly about a book of hers, called Folly, that I wanted it, but every copy had been snapped up. I finished The Language of Bees, a day or so later, and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you haven't read Laurie R. King's books, I recommend them to mystery lovers. I wouldn't start with this last book -- at least read the first in the series, The Beekeeper's Apprentice. You can download the first couple chapters of several books on Mrs. King's site. (Link to excerpt of The Language of Bees, since it's not on the other page.)

laurie r king reading may09 #2This pic is a little blurry, but that's not a terrible thing, considering my actual subject. Not only is the image blurry, but the subject -- the little girl on the floor in the front -- has her face hidden.

Which is perfect, because I'm really not comfortable taking pictures of total stranger's children and posting them online. You can just make out her hands. See what she's doing there? Knitting.

She knit for a good part of the talk, as did the woman I took to be her mom. So did I, as a matter of fact, until I reached the end of the cuff on the baby sock I was working on. I didn't have the pattern with me, and wouldn't really want to consult it at that point anyway (definitely distracting to the people around me), so the knitting went back into my purse.

Later, I went over and said hi, and asked her what she was knitting. For someone with good hearing, I had a rough time understanding -- entirely my own fault, I don't know what was wrong with me (she spoke perfectly clearly, although quietly (I was a total stranger after all!)). I finally got it (headband!), apologized for being lame, and wandered off to shop. Poor kid. Hope I didn't scare her. (She was surrounded by what looked like her entire family - the only time I'd attempt such a conversation.)

Bonus: I found a really nifty, independent bookstore. I definitely plan to return!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Comfort Food

There was just no way that John and I could sit in the house all day yesterday. We had a long nap, but when we woke up, Shel's absence was just too obvious, and too fresh. So we went for one of our Sunday drives. We discussed places to eat, and John suggested a BBQ place we'd passed several times before (it was near an earlier house possibility).

building1aI'll be honest -- I wanted to go because the place looks like one of those food trailers they have at carnivals, and I like corn dogs. There, I said it. I also like them with ketchup. I guess I'd never paid attention to the signs, because John kept referring to it as a BBQ. Anyway, it was always pretty busy when we passed.

sheena at smokerWe pulled in, parked, and decided to eat outside at one of the big picnic tables, then proceeded to the window to look at a menu. I knew right away that this was not your standard carnival fare, when we were handed full-color menus with mouth-watering pictures (which we made sure to bring home). When the proprietor, Sheena, found out that it was our first time, she led us around back to the grills (giant smokers) and showed us all the food that just waiting. Then she ran back to the kitchen for one of her Soul Rolls, donned some gloves (very clean establishment) and started cutting pieces off of things for us to try: smoked pork butt, red hot, beef soul roll.

(A Soul Roll is, essentially, a cross between an egg roll and a chimichanga. Chimichanga-size, it's a flour shell, stuffed with fresh cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, and something else (maybe parsley?), plus whatever meat you fancy, deep-fried in peanut oil. John hates cabbage and even he liked the sample he got.)

Oh, dear. This was pretty fabulous food. What to do, what to do?! Reminding ourselves that it wasn't a terrible drive, so we could come back (and therefore didn't have to order one of everything (although we wanted to)), we settled on our orders. I went with a shrimp Soul Roll and a side of Hush Puppies; John had a harder time deciding, and got a pulled pork sandwich combo and a Red Hot, taking half of each sandwich home for later. We both ordered lemonade.

  1. Lemonade: it was cold, tasted fresh and was the perfect accompaniment to the food. It only comes in one size, though, so next time I'll probably bring a bottle of water or something. Again, another thing John isn't terribly fond of, because mixes & fountain lemonade make him choke up a little, but he had no reaction to it at all, leading us to believe that it was home-made.

  2. Hush Puppies: The hush puppies were excellent and plentiful (I took several home to have as a snack later). I can't quite place the flavoring - they weren't traditional corn meal and onion, but they were fantastic.

  3. Shrimp Soul Roll & Hush Puppies
  4. Soul Roll: Real treat. Big fresh helping of some veggies, with, in this case, some small shrimp (not tiny eggroll ones though). Because they're deep-fried, they do end up a little messy toward the end, but they're worth it.

    I didn't notice that they had mini versions on the menu -- this would allow me to have one of these and the pulled pork sammich.

  5. Pulled Pork Sandwich: I tasted the pork butt when we got our samples (yum), but didn't try John's sandwich. However, he said that it was ideal: really nice sauce, but only just enough to accent the flavor of the perfectly-smoked pork (as opposed to mediocre pork swimming in sauce). I will probably try this next time. It comes with a layer of fresh coleslaw on it, so John, who doesn't like coleslaw, will have to order it without next time. As coleslaw goes (I had a nibble), it's also quite good.

  6. Red Hot: John says, "best red hot I ever had." I'm sure it's the smoking that makes it so, although I have no experience. I did get a taste of it right off the grill, and it was quite yummy.

  7. Fries: It's really hard to mess up fries, but sometimes, they can be so good they're memorable. Wow, seriously wow. Sheena sprinkles some kind of lemony seasoning over them the moment they come out of the fryer, and (not related) they seem to stay hot for a long time. I didn't regret getting Hush Puppies, but I was glad John was willing to trade!
Sheena Barnes BBQ Bones
The prices are actually quite reasonable, if you can resist ordering many things (Soul Rolls are $3.95 & the sandwich combos (including the fabulous fries) are $7.29). We learned that the trailer is their temporary location, while the permanent building next door is being finished. There is a vacant, kind of old-fashion gas station across the street that I'd love to buy and turn into a business. It's precisely in the center of no & where, but there is a lot of traffic passing regularly.

The only bummer is that they're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, and I'm craving more of the fantastic food!

If you go, make sure to grab a stack of napkins and a fork, because there's so much food the buns/shells can't hold it all. Don't want it to go to waste!

There was another restaurant we've found that I've really wanted to write about (I even took pictures), because they have the best soup, but then we had a scary encounter with some sweet 'n sour chicken with cinnamon rice pilaf that kind of killed that whole idea. Still... really excellent soup (at least 3 kinds every night, on the soup bar). You just have to stick to the menu and avoid the specials.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Goodbye, Sweet Boy

We said goodbye to our dear Sheldon this morning.

Sheldon, March 2009

John became concerned early this morning (around 5) when he came to bed after pulling an all-nighter (editing) and Sheldon wasn't asleep next to me. He looked all over, then heard a retching noise and found Sheldon spitting up blood. We bundled him up and took him to a 24-hour veterinary hospital; on the way there, we came to the conclusion that it was time for Shel to be at peace. He had been having a harder time eating, and has lost more weight. He couldn't even go outside - he so loved to rush past us and down the stairs to eat some grass - anymore because the grass made him ill. He hardly seemed aware of his surroundings on the trip. They inserted an IV catheter in his front right leg and we said our goodbyes. I stayed with him for the injection; John could not, and I understand why.

We got home without him a little after 7 this AM, and it's been so strange. He was the one cat that got along with all the others (and vice versa), the glue that held them all together.

He'd been with me for almost 16 years (and with John for six), and was my constant, ever-faithful companion. He had a knack for knowing when I was hurting, and would come to comfort me if he heard me crying. He was with me through my mom's illness, and after her passing, and the same for my dad. He was my friend when I had no other. I know he's at peace, and out of pain, but my heart is breaking. I'm still almost catching glimpses of him out of the corner of my eye.

More pics of Sheldon

Charlie has been extra clingy, and Maggie has been hiding. The three of them were nap-buddies; we'd frequently find them nestled together, sleeping.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can you hear me now?

Okay, lame title. It wouldn't be so lame if Verizon hadn't driven it into the ground! It's a phrase that's been heard in my car many, many times lately (but not anymore). This is a story about two ears (and their owner (who has a small outer ear and ridiculously narrow ear canals - probably not relevant)) in search of headphones - for both cell phone and MP3 player.

MP3 Player "Earbuds"
I've written more than once about the saga of my earbud search for my iPod (Olivia). Starting almost a year ago, I announced that I was on the hunt for a replacement -- the Apple buds really hurt my ears. A few days later, I announced that I'd found the perfect solution: a pair of buds that went further into the ear and were all kinds of soft & squishy (aka canal-sealing buds).

All seemed well. I had to use the smallest covers (the child-size ones), but they fit very comfortably. Alas! Instant dizzy spell, thanks to my Miniere's, which hardly bugged me anymore. I waited a week and tried again and was immediately dizzy. Well, crap. Pouting, I went back to the original Apple buds, hesitant to spend a dime on another pair that might end up being a waste. With money being tight, they were hardly a priority (The Skull Candy buds are on their way to a reader who has similar fit issues and was looking for resources. I cleaned 'em up really well, and am sending another alcohol pad in case she can't find replacement covers. I did only wear them twice, for a few minutes each time.)

earphone1Well, last week, the Apple buds broke a little (speaker side on one of the ear pieces popped off), plus the sound quality has been diminishing (they are three years old and have taken a beating). I took advantage of the Rite Aid campaign* to transfer Sheldon's prescriptions and get two $25 gift cards. Out of desperation, I grabbed the cheapest pair they had ($5.99) and used one of the cards to pay for it. Woot! It's just a tiny bit smaller (see crappy pic, left - new ones on top, Apple on bottom), but that seems to make all the difference: it fits better and is more comfortable. The sound quality is better, too. Haven't reached perfection yet, but I'm closer to it than I've been.

Specifics: Maxell Stereo EB-125 Earbuds. (No link because I don't know what site to link to, since I'm still pissed at Amazon over their indexing SNAFU a couple of weeks ago and have never heard of the other companies that came up with a search, but here's a pic, right.)

*Worth it for the gift cards, but what a serious pain in the ass! I had to go a total of 3 times to get one of the pills refilled - a med that Shel has been taking for two years. No other drugstore has ever had a delay in filling that script, but this store could not do it. And every time I went, the wait was long and annoying. (The third time, they had the pills and they were bottled up, but whoever finished it hadn't followed their process and it had to be repriced. In my favor, so I appreciate it, but this was the third time, so I was annoyed.)

Cell Phone Headset
cell headphone1This headset is dorky as hell, but, for the first time, people I'm talking to can hear me. Apologies for the picture - it was taken on laundry day, so no makeup and hey, there are my sheets in the back seat (in one of the Ikea bags I use to tote laundry to & fro.) I wish my necklace wasn't flipped over, because it's cool.

The headset pictured is, no kidding, my fourth in three weeks. I had a vague recollection of a law being passed forbidding drivers in the city of Detroit to hold their cell phones up to their heads. I'm too lazy to look it up, but don't want to risk a ticket. Besides, the driving is scary at times, so being hands-free is a good thing - I'd do it anyway if there wasn't a law (stupid, useless laws). The speakerphone on my cell kind of sucks, so I've been on the search for an affordable, but usable, headset.

#1: Purchased at Kmart. When I plugged it in, it let loose with a high-pitched squeal and redialed the last number I'd called. Oh, not good, but livable if I could use it to talk to people. Result: nope - no one could hear me, at full volume and shouting. Returned for a full refund.

#2: Borrowed from work. Looked high-tech and expensive. Also emitted the squeal, but did not dial my phone for me (appreciated). Result: Sadly, no one could hear me. I scrubbed it down with alcohol (again) and returned it to the box of miscellaneous phone parts (maybe that's why it was in the box to begin with).

#3: Cheating -- I found an old one in my car that had a broken ear piece (the little speaker was hanging by tiny wires). I glued it back together and tried it. Result: nope - squeal, followed by redial, followed by "You're so muffled." I don't remember if the thing worked with my previous phone. Probably not. Tossed into the trash.

#4: Purchased on Saturday at Best Buy. $14.99 ($6 less than the "best" one, with a really short boom), and recommended by one of the sales associates. I look like a helicopter pilot, but everyone I've tried talking to on it can hear me. Besides not being very portable, the only drawback I've found is that there is no connect/disconnect button anywhere (I have to use the buttons on the phone). The little button that I thought performed that function is a mute button, which could have its benefits. All-in-all, I'm quite satisfied.

Specifics: Rocketfish Hands-free Over-the-head Headset. Also works on X-box Live, or so I'm told. Not suitable for Skype.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Happening? Spring & Summer Edition

I had intended on recycling the one calendar entry, but it's been so long (September/October) since I posted a calendar that I figured I'd better start a new entry. At the moment, I don't have a lot going on, but I hope to change that, so this one will be bumped with a new date as things are added.

Monday, May 18, 7 PM: I have every intention to get to Nicola's Books in Ann Arbor to get a copy of The Language of Bees and meet author, Laurie R. King. I was already a fan, for years and years, but I like her even more now because she was the first person to friend me on Goodreads (because I had most of her books on my shelves!).

Okay, not fair! Other favorite authors are going to be there in the same day at noon, with another new release that I want. Is it a holiday? (Checked -- not in US) I am bummed. Cannot justify calling in sick to work (this early) to buy a book and meet authors. Need to remind myself that I'm not really the autograph-collecting-meeting-celebs type. Still going to meet Ms. King...I mean, she invited me personally... ;-) ('salright I'm not delusional.)

Monday, May 25: US Memorial Day. Not sure yet, but what I want to do is renew our World of Warcraft accounts for 30 days and play all weekend. If we have a chance to be with people, that would be okay too.

End of the month: nephew J's 8th birthday.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review: Star Trek

It's been awhile since I've posted a review, so a quick refresher on my rating system: on a scale from one to five, inversely related to how much knitting I got done during the movie. Five balls means I got only a couple of stitches done or it never occurred to me to pull out the project. One ball means I got a lot of knitting done. In this case, it was definitely the latter - what knitting?

The new Star Trek... what can I say? Yes, I'm a geek. I like science fiction. I've even enjoyed some Star Trek - shows, movies, homages. Firefly kind of ruined Trek for me - I started thinking "what if these planets didn't want to be in the Federation?" (You'd have to have seen Firefly to understand where that logic was coming from.)

But this movie... dayum. I've seen it twice, and John has seen it three times (two weeks before the release, a friend of his had advanced release tickets). Seriously, hands-down, a great flick. I'm in awe of Karl Urban, who played Leonard "Bones" McCoy, who gave the distinct impression that he was channeling DeForest Kelley. Apparently, this guy can do anything he sets his mind to.

With an entirely new cast playing characters many of us grew up with, there is a danger that they'd be caricatures or impressions of the original cast. It's difficult to put into words, but let me just say that I cringed a little when I thought of the possibilities (bad Saturday Night Live sketches, etc.). Then I saw the movie. Even though Urban's Bones was eerily reminiscent of Kelley's, it wasn't an impression. The characters were enough like the originals to be recognizable, but they were fresh and exciting at the same time.

You don't have to be a Trekkie or sci fi fan to enjoy this movie. It helps, of course, but overall, it's an enjoyable event.

Other movies
We've only seen a couple other movies (in theaters) in the last few months: Monsters v. Aliens and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I enjoyed them both, but I don't have a lot to say by way of review.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

It's a Miracle

On Saturday, John and I went to a little BBQ/party given by a couple we met last summer (at a BBQ!) and have become friends* with since.

I loved the inspiration for the party, and vowed to blog about it ASAP. The concept, at least is simple. (The cleaning of the house, and buying and prepping of the food, etc., can be time-consuming and costly, regardless.) Essentially, pick something you've always wanted to try, some unusual/hard-to-get food you love and want to share, and throw a party. The result on Saturday was an informal and fun event for adults and kids.

Besides the conversation, which was excellent, there were three main stages to the party. I'm going to talk about them in reverse order, because the final part of the day was the coolest thing and I don't want to lose you before you get to it!

Part III
As the afternoon turned into evening, then into night, it was time for the finale, something that Mel & Rich had been dying to try: Miracle Fruit Tablets. They weren't the only ones -- John and I have been curious about the berries (and later, the pills) since we first heard about them a couple of years ago. These miraculous little berries contain a resin of some sort that temporarily binds to the tastebuds that register sours, and makes them taste sweet. (I'm over-simplifying, but you get the idea.)

We joked that we must trust these people a lot, because they passed out little red pills, and we all obediently popped them into our mouths and dissolved them on our tongues. (They don't do you any good if you chew them.) Most of us agreed that the taste reminded us of raisins, maybe with a hint of cranberry thrown in.

sour spread1Then, we stood around the table and bravely grabbed for pieces of lemons, limes, grapefruit, sour dill pickles, etc. The things that were hot & sour, like hot sauce, were sweet on the tongue, like BBQ sauce, but hot in the throat. That was strange! My favorite was the grapfruit. I know it's good for you, and I love the smell, but really don't like the taste - unless it's got a ton of sugar on it, which defeats the purpose. With one of these pills (½ might have done the trick), the grapefruit was sweet and delicious.

Sweet things, like strawberries & oranges, tasted sweeter. Sour apples tasted like the sweetest Red Delicious apples, without the grainy/mealy texture that you sometimes get. It doesn't affect bitter, so the Baker's chocolate tasted even worse, if that's possible.

You want to have some fun? Order some of these little pills (you can get them from Think Geek) and either prepare a buffet of sour treats or, like Mel & Rich did, have your friends bring sour things to the party. This would be a fun party activity for just about any age! The seven-year-old there had a blast, as did her grandparents, and just about everyone in between. A couple of people noticed little difference, which was a bummer. The effects wear off within an hour or so, sped-up by dairy products (so, if you have it for a party, make sure it's after the ice cream & cake!).

Part II
We enjoyed the hard-to-get food, a dessert that Mel & Rich enjoyed on their honeymoon in Hawaii: Mochi Ice Cream. No lie, they had it air-shipped from the islands so their family and friends could sample it.

From the website: Mochi is "...a harmonious combination of creamy gourmet ice cream wrapped in a sweetened rice confection, all resulting in a delectable bite-sized, one and a quarter ounce ball of happiness."

I quite agree -- provided you get a flavor you enjoy. John and I both really liked the Passion Fruit flavor (there were 4 available to try). I can see how they'd be dangerous!

Part I
The first was the BBQ (enjoyed indoors thanks to the frustrating weather): Buffalo burgers and natural casing hot dogs. I had one of each and it was all yummy. (Everyone brought a side to go along with.)

*Good friends, as far as I'm concerned, since they helped us move while Mel was about 7 months pregnant! (I made little socks for their son, Darwin, who is now 3 months old and just adorable. Too bad he was born with HUGE feet and neither pair fit, ever. Soon: I'll be casting on for new, larger socks.) Meeting and holding Darwin was a definite bonus for the afternoon!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Think Twice News - Episode II

This is where my RL and my blogging life start to intertwine, something I've avoided for awhile. I'm the webmaster for this webcast's site, and am married to the director. Regardless of party affiliation, if you're interested in liberty, please consider subscribing to the YouTube channel. (Once we move it, you'll be able to subscribe to site updates, but its current home doesn't allow that sort of thing.)

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Friday, May 8, 2009

For Sale: 1 Bus Pass

I like my new job very much; however, I'm not a huge fan of my commute. It's frustrating and, at times, harrowing. Then there is the walk between the building and the parking lot. I'm sure it's all quite safe, but it still makes me a little nervous. Really, though, the biggest problem is the stress of the drive. (I may not have mentioned in the past that driving - anywhere - is not something I enjoy.) Recently, a co-worker, who has been taking the bus for years, offered to help me see if there was a way I could do something similar.

Well, we found something and I gave it a try one morning last week. Which brings me to my title. I have 1 Detroit Area Smart pass, with $11 on it. Cost me $10, and I'll sell it for $9 and will pay for the stamp myself.

On paper, it makes all kinds of sense: The total fare for the day costs about the same as my parking fees. I'd get to work about the same time, without the stress of trying to cross a freeway to take a left exit in 1 mile. I'd also save some gas by only driving halfway each time. The bus stop is close to my building -- closer than the parking lot.

What the above doesn't take into account is the fact that 1) the bus drivers have to be willing to stop and pick you up and, 2) be willing to drop you off.

The ride to work was uneventful. Bumpy, but otherwise stress-free. After work... that's another story. After standing in the rain for half an hour, the third bus finally stopped. There was another soaked-to-the-skin woman on board, who had had the same difficulty getting the previous buses to stop. Because it was my first time, she helped me ID my upcoming stop and told me when to pull the cord*. The driver refused to stop. We finally convinced him that yes, that was my stop, so he pulled over to the side of a road, a road with no sidewalk, next to a sign that said "no stopping". And I got to walk back to my car in the rain, crossing an exit ramp, going under a bridge, crossing another street, and finally climbing a hill to get to my car. Around the same time I would have been climbing the steps to my house.

So, I'm done with the bus. I'm serious about selling the pass. I bought it after the uneventful, but bUmPy ride to work, and for some reason, the home-bound bus meter wouldn't accept it, so it's got the full value on it.

*It's "Park and Ride," so there are very few scheduled stops.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Phatfiber & me

phatfiber_may09After hearing people rave about these sampler boxes available from Phatfiber, I decided to do a little self-promotion and contribute some samples to an upcoming box. I'm confirmed for May (left). (It's a long picture, but imagine if I was further down in the list!)

I sent 50 of my stitch marker capsules/party favors, each in a tiny zip bag with a folded label stapled to the top.

When someone clicks on the little ad, they'll be taken to a page just for my shop with some more images and a link to my shop (top image). Pretty nifty, huh?

Other news
I just found out today that a certain yarn store in the east is going to have the capsules at the check-out. Great impulse buy! Once everything is 100% certain, I'll happily share a ilnk.

By request
Apparently, there are some patterns that have different directions, depending on if you're on the right or left side of an item. One example is at least one sock in Cookie A's new book, Sock Innovation. I got a request for Left & Right stitch markers. Just one set is in the shop now, to see if there is an interest.

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Sign Fail: AT & T

Sign Fail: AT&T
I spot things like this all the time, but haven't been snapping pics. Recently, I vowed to start capturing & sharing the fun. This one was snapped in downtown Detroit, on an AT&T building. If they'd removed a pair of asterisks, they would have had room for the "ed" on the end of "heighten."

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things might be a little different around here

Practically from day one of my blogging "career," I've been very aware of the potential to upset people, offend them, or hurt their feelings. I think I may have taken things to the extreme, because while I've been careful, most of the time, to do none of those things, I have managed to suppress some of the better or, at least more interesting, parts of me. I think I may have given people the impression that I'm some kind of Pollyanna or Goody-Two-Shoe. I've kept my mouth shut about a lot of topics that are important to me because I know there are people out there who could be offended, just knowing that I feel this way. Instead, I write about knitting, or other crafts, about books or movies. All of these are real; I don't make up anything. But I suppress a LOT.

But you know what? No one is sitting back, worrying about not offending or upsetting me. Other people don't seem to have a problem sitting back and announcing that their way is the only way and that everyone else is a moron, or going to hell, or both.

I don't plan on doing anything that would intentionally hurt someone's feelings, but beyond that... I'm done. If this means that no one reads my blog anymore, so be it. If people are allowed to promote their religion, belief system, food choice, etc., than so am I.

I'm tired of hearing about how all "the gays" have an "agenda" and are out to force everyone to be gay. Feel free to boycott Pepsi because they won't "stay neutral" in the culture war, but dude, if the AFA boycotts Pepsi, I'm going to start buying Pepsi even if I actually prefer Coke. There is no "homosexual agenda" to convert us all. No companies are forcing their employees to BE gay. They are asking their employees to stop harassing their co-workers because of their sexual orientation. Hardly the same thing.

Quoting John, because this pretty much boils it down:

"Collectivizing individuals into a group and attributing to them an agenda is nothing more than a means of dehumanizing people you disagree with. Saying 'I am against the GAY AGENDA' isn't as controversial as saying 'I HATE BOB BECAUSE HE'S GAY.' or 'I WON'T DO BUSINESS WITH SALLY BECAUSE SHE HAS A GIRLFRIEND.'

"It's just another way of not treating people as individuals, which in my book, would be called 'A Non Optimal Solution'"

I'm straight, but have absolutely no issues with anyone who wants to live their life with someone of the same sex, and I think that if they are willing to make a legal commitment, they should be able to. A lesbian or gay couple that wants to make their commitment legal doesn't affect my marriage any more than an abusive asshole who beats his wife and kids getting to be married does. And, if people want to hook up without getting married, it doesn't affect me any more or less if they're straight or gay.

I'm still going to have craft content, because I'm a crafty person. And I'm still going to post about books and movies, because those are things I'm interested in. But I'm also going to post about other topics that spring to mind. If this makes things difficult for you, I'll understand if you stop reading. I hope you'll stay, so we can learn from each other, but we all have to do what we have to do.


PS: Adding the following - I just want to clarify that, to date, all of the censorship has been self-inflicted. This thinking of everyone else before me has been something I've been trying to overcome for years. I matter. My feelings matter. And it's up to me to take care of me. Also, there is nothing here directed at any one person, or even a group of people.

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I'm adding the following to my nav bar on the right:


I'm liking Goodreads as a way to keep track of what I'm reading now, what I've read in the past and what I want to read next.

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