Thursday, May 7, 2009

Phatfiber & me

phatfiber_may09After hearing people rave about these sampler boxes available from Phatfiber, I decided to do a little self-promotion and contribute some samples to an upcoming box. I'm confirmed for May (left). (It's a long picture, but imagine if I was further down in the list!)

I sent 50 of my stitch marker capsules/party favors, each in a tiny zip bag with a folded label stapled to the top.

When someone clicks on the little ad, they'll be taken to a page just for my shop with some more images and a link to my shop (top image). Pretty nifty, huh?

Other news
I just found out today that a certain yarn store in the east is going to have the capsules at the check-out. Great impulse buy! Once everything is 100% certain, I'll happily share a ilnk.

By request
Apparently, there are some patterns that have different directions, depending on if you're on the right or left side of an item. One example is at least one sock in Cookie A's new book, Sock Innovation. I got a request for Left & Right stitch markers. Just one set is in the shop now, to see if there is an interest.

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