Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's almost zen; Tunes

I heard something on the radio last week, and darn if I can't find any stats to support it (yet), but it intrigued me: angry drivers use more gas than patient drivers. Well, yeah, if you think about it: impatient/angry drivers are constantly revving their engines, running up on the car in front of them, braking hard, switching lanes, etc.

I hate driving. Like, a lot. Of course, I have a near-hour commute each morning and a slightly longer one each afternoon. Thank God I get to work from home one day a week, because I would have to find another job if I had to do this every day. Part of my drive involves 275, which stretches from here to Florida, and part of that includes at least 2 different junctions where I have to get across all the lanes in a reasonable amount of time to stay on my route. (This is not a picture of 275. It's a picture I borrowed from Microsoft Clip Art.)

275 is kind of notorious for asinine, aggressive drivers and 80+MPH speeds. By the time I get to work (and have to deal with the shuttle, which is a whole other post), I'm wiped out. Getting home is worse, and that's only if I don't have errands to run afterwards.

I'm a little impatient, but I'm not an ass; however, I decided to try something new: driving more patiently. All week, I've been just going the speed limit, or even a little less (if someone is going slow in front of me). I do still switch lanes if I get behind someone moving very slowly, but no longer freak out if they're going below 75. My speedometer hasn't seen 80 all week. I don't know if my gas mileage has improved, but I am calmer in the car. I figure that it might take me 4-5 minutes longer to get somewhere, but I'm calmer, and safer, when I arrive.

You know how, when you are trying to remember a song that you like, but it just won't come? Awhile back, I was putting together a list of songs for John to track down for me, and I couldn't remember one song for the life of me. I finally gave up. Over the weekend, I jumped in the car to run to the grocery store, and it was on the radio! I had left the radio tuned to the oldies station (rare for me), and I'm so glad! I haven't found it yet, but at least I know what I was looking for: You're the One (That I Love) by the Vogues, released the year I was born. There's always another song, just out of reach.

Other old favorites that have randomly popped up:
Build me up Buttercup, The Foundations (for Bec)
Come a Little Bit Closer, Jay and the Americans
Black Betty, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (never heard it my whole life until a few months ago)
Oh How Happy, Shades of Blue (I liked this song before I knew that John's uncle was the lead singer)
A Little Bit of Soap, The Jarmels

So... is anyone interested in an eclectic CD mix from me? I'll put a couple together if anyone wants, just for fun. Regular CD or MP3, just say the word. Even better, but not necessary: a music swap, so I can hear some other folks' eclectic faves.

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