Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blast from the Past

I need to dig out and scan some more old pictures. I love including them in my posts!

I can remember my mother singing two songs to me when I was a little girl. One of them gave me nightmares. Can you guess which one?

"Let the Sunshine in" (Pebbles & Bamm Bamm)

"Que Sera Sera" ("Video" of Doris Day)

Answer at the bottom.

Antique Amish Pincushion

Completely OT. I was in an antique store in Tennessee several years ago, and found a hackey sack labeled: "Antique Amish Pincushion." I think they wanted $5 for it.

Because I'm in a kooky mood, does anyone know what movie this is from?: Amish Terrarium. (I know, just wondering if there are other fans out there.)

The Answer
I believe that "Let the Sunshine In" contributed to one pretty scary nightmare I had when I was very young. In it, the red dude with the pitchfork showed up at my house and took a bunch of us hostage in my parents bedroom. "Us" would have been my mom, brother and I, and the mom and kids of a family we were friends with. I'm guessing our dads were hunting. I saved us all with my magic blanket. But really -- a kid's song about the devil? Big shocker. Thank goodness I had my magic blanket. (Mom threw it away a few years later. I still haven't forgiven her completely. She wasn't a sentimental soul. She threw out my Barbies too, including Growing Up Ginger, which was the coolest doll, ever. I haven't forgiven her for that, either.)

Speaking of Ginger, I've only met a couple of people in my life who've heard of this doll and only one who had one. She was a Skipper-size doll (there was a "Growing up Skipper," too), with a flexible torso; when you cranked her arm, she grew about an inch taller, and boobs popped out.

I got mine on Easter weekend, 1975, on my way to spend break with my paternal grandparents. Apparently, it was quite controversial, but I thought I was being clever: two dolls for the price of one!

2 comments: said...

Oh My goodnesss!! Nightmare inducing?? hee hee.. Well, I had my fair share too!!

I am still makin' my rounds!! You are a rock star!!! ;) ;)

jessie said...

Okay, I'm like totally behind on your blog (I think it dropped out of my Google reader for some reason) but saw you on Rav and decided to catch up.

I had to tell you I HAD Grow-Up Skipper (in 1975 or 1976) and NOBODY believes me that this doll existed.

That, and those big dolls whose hair grew from the top of their head and you could retract it with a button on their stomachs. Remember them?