Monday, June 16, 2008

5:01 PM (etc.)

At 5:01 PM today, it will become legal in the state of California for any couple to get married. California: what took you - of all states - so long? Here's hoping that Michigan isn't far behind! Two CA counties have canceled all civil ceremonies at their offices (regardless of the orientation of the couple, or how long ago the wedding was scheduled), citing budgetary and staff restrictions, but it's all BS. Meanwhile, the mayor of San Francisco has volunteered to officiate, as have several other individuals who are qualified/authorized.

In other news...

wwkip sock attemptWWKIP Day
Saturday was World-wide Knit in Public day. Mine got off to a rocky start. The event that was closest to me? I couldn't find it. I drove to Cranbrook a little after the announced start time. The guard at the front gate didn't know anything about it. Uh-oh. I drove around and saw what I thought was a small craft show being set up, so I went to another area and parked, then walked all over with my heavy bag, giant bottle of water and a chair, and saw no fiber, and no one knitting, crocheting or spinning, so I gave up and left.

Turns out, it was well-organized, but it wasn't made clear that it was part of the show; which wasn't a show for selling crafts but for demonstrating them. After a nice lady at a nearby yarn store assured me that there was definitely supposed to be a group there, and that I had the right time and place, I went back and found them. (I'd driven past them earlier.)

I didn't stay long, because I felt really awkward. Nothing at all against the folks there -- everyone I spoke to was very nice. Almost everyone was on Ravelry, too. It's just that I don't do that well in new situations where I don't know anyone and have no function. Boy, when I was dame of our guild's hostel at the Ren faire, I was quite the social butterfly; I had no problems talking to anyone, because it was kind of my job. People that knew me in those circumstances would probably not recognize the wall flower that has to force herself to talk to people. I did make myself hand out a few cards, and attempted a sock lesson. The attempt had to be frogged, like all my other sock attempts, because I haven't yet gotten a yarn/needle/gauge/pattern combo that works for me. The very nice lady that was helping me was thrown by my dk-weight yarn on size 3 circs with the Magic Loop method. Someday, I will get this, but I don't want to start on size 1s! (Yarn shown: Nestucca Bay Handpainted Yarn, sportweight. Colorway: crazycatladymel)

My only issue - once I found the booth - is that it wasn't a very public Knit in Public (KIP). It's not really a complaint -- every day is a KIP day for me -- just an observation. The Cranbrook knit-in was sponsored by a local guild, and they were at the craft show, so it was a logical arrangement, and they definitely did introduce a lot of people to spinning and knitting. I've got their meeting info and will probably try to get to some meetings.

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