Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tiny Knitting Update

I was showing pictures of the houses to my niece and nephew, just on the camera preview screen, and had to flip past the scarf I knit for K. The first one she spotted was the picture where I rolled the scarf into a circle. "Oh, what's that?!" I told her it was a scarf and kept clicking the back button. She spotted an image of the whole thing. "Oh! I would like that! I hope that's for me!"


I've also finished a scarf for SIL C's mom, and have cast on for one for her dad. Both are simple: three different colors of Wool Ease, held together on big needles (15-17).

Craft Show Funny
The other night I dreamed that I went to the craft show and got a primo parking spot, right up front. And left all my crafts at home. Just like when I was in school and would dream about them moving my exam to the other side of campus and me not being able to find it. Good times. (I miss restful sleep. I almost don't remember what it feels like.)

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