Saturday, August 9, 2008

IH Contest Results

Rosettes Set 2There was a slight delay in the drawing, because I was out & about celebrating my birthday. I'd like to publicly thank the dear friends who called me yesterday, and gwensmom for the birthday wishes via the blog.

There are three prizes for the contest, so I drew three names. The first place winner can select her prize, then the second place winner can choose between the remaining prizes.

First Place: tvini
Second Place: Beth W.
Third Place: Kat

So, tvini: let me know which prize you want. Then, I'll get in touch with Beth. I'll need mailing addresses, of course!

In this case, everybody wins, in a way. The ladies at Interim House most certainly do. I do, because I love spreading the word about such a neat program. Whether or not a prize was won, each person who shared with IH wins, too.

Thanks, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh, crap! I forgot your birthday! I am so sorry! I hope it was a happy one. said...

Hi Mel,
Hope you are hearing from the winners--they must be excited! You've been tagged, Dearie, and I hope it didn't hurt too much. See my blog--