Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Craft Show that Wasn't

The company was good. That's the positive side of it. Oh, and I was complimented profusely on the packaging.

Hot, miserable, sticky day (and we had shade, which was a lifesaver when it started to rain!). I had too much stuff for such a small space, but it wouldn't have mattered, because hardly anyone came. Since they had also billed the event as a flea market (we didn't find that out until yesterday morning), it came as little surprise that many people barely paused as they realized we were selling new items at regular prices. (It was not a craft show!) And I got shorted on the cash side (I did sell a few things)... but since I was in charge of the settling of totals, I can't blame anyone!

We ended up closing up early, because we all felt sick (because of the heat).

Pictures are in the "craftshow" tag on my Flickr album. Some have notes.

Some items will find their way into my Etsy shop. Some will become Christmas and other gifts. Edit: actually, before they go to Etsy, I'll probably display some items here first.


Anonymous said...

so sorry about the craft show. If you have enough stuff, maybe you can do a better one in the fall? Anyway, I have totally been there and it is super frustrating!

Tvini said...

Ugh, they billed it as a flea market? Of course nobody was going to buy. It's the same reason handmade good don't do well on eBay - everybody's there looking for cheap goods and doesn't care about the quality.

Well, at least it was a learning experience?

Chocolate Milk said...

Hey There!
I didn't know you got shorted!
How much??

Did the check bounce??

What are you talking about?