Tuesday, August 5, 2008


signs printed
I worked up these signs ages ago, but finally got around to printing them. (I have to reprint the cupcake flags one, b/c they have five flags (six wouldn't fit).) Please ignore the terrible lighting! I also made up a few for Jen's items, and a couple signs for things I'm not sure I'll get done in time.

I picked up a baby onesie at the dollar store yesterday. I'm going to fake a stain via Photoshop, then add a little apple appliqué.

hot cold pack directionsI think I'm going to reprint these as well, and make the caution verbiage even stronger. Otherwise, I think they're really cute.

redscarf3aug08_froggedI cast on for my red scarf project scarf over the weekend, but have since frogged it. The stitch pattern was easy (1 row 1x1 rib, 1 row knit), but it was curling too much for my taste. I'm trying something else now... will post pics and updates later.

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