Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Perpetual Birthday Calendar

It's probably a terrible thing that my own birthday prompts me to check my birthday calendar to see if I've missed anyone. In my defense, August is the month with the most birthdays, and I have mixed up peoples' special days more than once. I know my birthday is first in the chain, so I started checking near the 8th to make sure I'm on track. I pulled out my calendar today, only to discover that I missed a July birthday (hi, Rebecca). Sigh. I'm also usually prompted to start asking people for their birthdays around this time. But in case it looks like a card- or gift-grab, I'm refraining from doing that until at least the 9th.

The good thing that came out of this is that I was reminded how much I love the very simple (typed) perpetual birthday calendar I made for myself (even if I don't refer to it enough), and it inspired me to make up one to share. Print this PDF and fill in the special occasions you want to remember, and then stick it on the fridge or somewhere you'll actually look at it.

Right-click on the following link and save to your computer: Perpetual Birthday Calendar PDF. Hopefully, all of the fonts were embedded correctly and you will not see any gibberish. (Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art.)

Here's an idea of what one looks like in use. I only filled in a few dates (didn't finish August). There are just a few lines per month; I've come close to filling August - on my old typed one - but haven't needed all the lines for the other months.

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