Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm sure there will be many more of these "opportunities" in the near future, but for now, I would love some help with the following:

Moving Announcements
I have several barely-formed ideas floating around. A couple of searches brought me lots of ones I could buy, but of course I want to make ours. Suggestions, links, etc. would be welcomed!

Displaying a Dulcimer
My mom had an old dulcimer in a box, which I brought home from my dad's house this weekend. I think it belonged to her father or grandfather? I thought it would be nice to hang it up somewhere instead of keeping it in a VCR box in the basement (VCRs were pretty huge when she packed it up). I was thinking of having a shadow box made, because I doubt the ready-made ones are deep enough. Thoughts?

Rocking Chair Seat
When my brother was born, my dad got my mom a rocking chair. He doesn't want it, but I couldn't bear to let it go out of the family, so it's in my garage at the moment. Problem is, the seat is starting to split at a couple of the joins. Is this fixable, or do I only let children and petite women sit in it?

Different Kind of Planter
I brought home 2 pairs of my dad's turnout boots (heavy rubber boots that firefighters wear). I'm keeping 1 pair for myself for running around outside when it's raining (too big, but fine for slogging to the garage, etc.), and plan on using the other pair to make planters: one for me and one for dad's grave. (My brother took the "formal" leather boots, since they're actually his shoe size.) I need to figure out what kind of plants to put in it for the grave.

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Jennifer said...

Sooo super jealous you have a dulcimer, with history to boot! Some kind of simple wood brace mounted to the wall would seem appropriate to me.