Monday, August 4, 2008

Craft Show Prep Progress

Recent Craft Show Projects
On Sunday, I hunkered down with my ironing board, iron, stack of fabric and thermoweb, and put the applique backing on a wide variety of fabric. Then, watched Tremors 4 with John and cut out circles and a few other shapes. Otherwise, I was all about the packaging. (I still need to make some labels to stick on the bag toppers.)

  1. The cupcake flags did not turn out as nicely as I'd like (bad choice of glue), so I'm dropping the price a bit. But, I have to say, I love how the packaging turned out!
  2. I liked the idea of using my button ties with the ornament packaging, but am hopeful that I'll be too busy to do it. Instead, I made up these tag sets in advance, with a button and some of my baker's twine.
  3. Speaking of baker's twine... I packaged up the spools. I also have larger dispensers.
  4. Appliqués for girls (each has a pear and apple; the rest are varied)
  5. Appliqués for boys (each has a robot and skull-n-crossbones; the rest are varied)
Still much to do, but I'm not feeling so overwhelmed now.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those look great!

Melissa said...

Thanks! Jen and I will be wearing appliqued tees. I might even hit a thrift store for an old onesie to have as a demo (before pic next to the salvaged garment).