Sunday, August 24, 2008

An Office Supply Geek's Dream Come True

Better put, a Sharpie geek's dream come true, but both myself and the birthday girl are office supply geeks as well as Sharpie geeks. Hinted at here, I have no idea where I first saw this (Personalize Your Sharpie!), but it was at least three months ago. I posted something on my gift ideas blog, but couldn't put a link anywhere else. It's been killing me! I put off ordering for financial reasons, then thought I might have waited too long. Nope! They promise shipping within 7-10 days. Whew. ETA: If the first Sharpie link doesn't work, try

Anyway... for my birthday a couple of years ago, Jdub got me Sharpies: tons of them. I wanted to return the gesture, without duplicating it.

I ordered six hot pink Sharpies with her name on one side (last name blurred here for her privacy) and paw prints on the reverse. I would really have liked to have something more creative on them, but the only quote I could think of at the time was too long (and kind of obscure). Asking her what she wanted on them would have totally given away my plan. This is classic, and reminds me the personalized pencils my fourth grade teacher, Mr. Schweitzer, got for every student in the class that Christmas. (I think it was fourth grade. He was one of the coolest teachers I ever had, and I'm pretty sure he was the one who did that.)

The price isn't too bad, considering that you can order as few as six markers (limited color selections). Totally worth it for the thrill of giving someone personalized Sharpies, especially when they are among her favorite things. (Places that offer better prices usually require the purchase of several dozen pieces.) I absolutely plan on ordering the lime green ones, just as soon as I can figure out what to put on it.

8/24/08: I wrote the above some time ago, but couldn't post it until Jdub had her present. I gave it to her yesterday since her birthday is in the middle of the week and we don't get to see each other often enough. Verdict: she loved them! They are NOT going to work with her, even though she uses Sharpies a lot there, because them being personalized won't stop people from stealing them.

Speaking of geeks, I added a button to my side bar for the Dr. Why web comic. I believe I've mentioned recently becoming a Dr. Who fan. The comic contains some spoilers for a newb like me, but not so specific that they'll ruin an episode for me. Great fun!


jennifred40 said...

Oh my word! Sharpies that are personalized?! Be still my heart! I am such an office supply geek too! Well, pen, pencil and marker crazy really. Although I do groove on a nice notebook.... I am glad she liked them. I'll have to look into it for my mom, because as you know, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree as they say!

Tvini said...

PERFECT! I'm going to order some for my kid's teachers this year. I don't have a required plugin, so I can't see all the limitations on length right now, but I'm thinking names on one side, and something like "You've left your mark on my child" on the other. Woot! said...

Another office supply geek! It's ridiculous how much pleasure I can get from browsing in OfficeMax. I prefer REAL stationery stores, of which there are fewer and fewer, but give me free rein in a big box store and I am happy finding all the new and cool gadgets and doodly things that have come out. I tried the links for personalized Sharpies but neither worked 8^( Your niece is one lucky girlie!

Melissa said...

stacie: I'll email you as well, but I added the link to You can get to the personalize page from there.