Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Craft Show Stuff - Displays

Applique Display 1
Something I finished up this evening. I had originally planned to take out the glass and put in foam core board and mug hooks, but got the (I hope) bright idea to use small suction cups (with patterned paper behind the glass). I looked all over Joann Fabrics this afternoon and they only had one package of (large) suction cups, so I gave up and bought mug hooks. I stopped at the dollar store to get foam core board. They had no foam core board, but sitting at the register was a bag of small suction cups with hooks.


  • Collage frame: $3 (on clearance -- got the brown one pictured below for $2 (I'm pretty sure on the prices))
  • Martha Stewart gift wrap: ~13¢ (on clearance for $1; I used 1/8 of package (2 sheets))
  • Suction cups: ~10¢ (large package for $1)
  • "Plate" stand - about $5

Ornament StandHere is another frame that I may also use. I'm not sure what else I have that will hang like the appliques. Maybe the cupcake flags?

I have my buddy Tina to thank for this. She suggested that I find ways to vary the height of my offerings at the show, and told me that she'd rigged up something with corkboard and mug hooks. I'm just way lazier. When the show is over, I can slip the gift wrap to the back and use the frames as, oh, frames. (The white one just needs a tiny touch-up, paint-wise.)

In front of it is an ornament hanger I got to help display the skein ornaments. It's very convenient to have a year 'round Christmas store within driving distance!

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lilfish said...

Beautiful sweetie!!!! Good luck w/ the show!!!! :)