Friday, August 8, 2008

Crafty Fun Friday, 8 August 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

This picture is from my 8th birthday (1973), and I was thrilled with a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine (I cannot believe they are still available! (I want one!)). I don't think it lasted long, as I don't remember using it much, but I was pretty happy with it. I'm amazed by how much my niece resembles me.

Because it's my birthday, this means that I'll be doing the drawings for the Interim House contest winners around noon. Thanks to everyone who participated!

I recently started updating the Gift Ideas Journal. It's where I share cool finds and work out the occasional themed gift. I put gifts for the grown-ups on my list behind a cut so they can't accidentally see them.

(cooking) Fun Goldfish Lollies

(knitting) Free download for some cute mittens. They ask that if you use the pattern, you also knit a pair for your favorite charity.

(crafting) A couple of fun Photo projects from a Kodak employee (ljc): Photo Drink Umbrellas and Photo Bookmark.

(giving) How to make a Diaper Cake.

(crafting) Doll Suitcase, out of 2 jewelry box lids.

(crafting) Another crayon roll. This one is made of felt, and requires less sewing and turning than the last one I linked to.

(knitting) Sunflower Dishcloth

(knitting/kid-crafting) Great beginning knitting, excellent for car rides: Finger Knitting, via Crafty Crow

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gwensmom said...

YAY Happy Birthday Melissa!