Sunday, August 3, 2008


I finally finished reading Dracula. Wow, that took a long time! I put it aside for a couple of months, because I kept hearing Keanu Reeves (the first, oh, third of the book is all Jonathon Harker, and Reeves played Harker in the 1992 film). I picked it up again last week, and forced myself to continue; once I hit the parts where other characters' voices were heard, it became an enjoyable read. Now to settle on a new classic: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde or Frankenstein?

I also finished the brightly colored Bazic scarf (seven colors in 2x2 rib) for niece K. About 1/3 of the ends need to be woven in, and of course it needs to be washed and blocked (K is allergic to many things, including cats, and YOU try knitting something without a cat trying to nap on top of it!).

striped ribby scarf 4 k 2aug08 rolledThese may not seem like great feats, but it's been a rough couple of days! I had a killer migraine yesterday, and have been having some girly trouble as well (both much improved). I used to have migraines all.the.time, but I hardly get them now that I'm not working at GM and have quit drinking diet pop. I do, however, still have to maintain some level of caffeine intake, usually in the form of unsweetened ice tea. I didn't drink anything with caffeine yesterday, because I thought I was dehydrated and focused on ingesting copious amounts of water. Oops.

In addition to finishing the above, I got several items prepped for the craft show that's coming up (23 August). I'll show pics tomorrow. I feel really accomplished right now!

Today would have been my mom's 63rd birthday. It's our 11th without her -- she passed away Thanksgiving 11 years ago. Happy Birthday, Mom.


gwensmom said...

That scarf is so cute! I'm sure the recipient will be most pleased with it.

Melissa said...

Thanks! I have a feeling she's going to be thrilled with it.