Friday, July 25, 2008

Time for a New Calendar

Some of these things are for me, some of them are for you (FYI).

Right now: Start thinking about the Red Scarf project (link to the blog on the subject). The response has been so overwhelming (yay!) that they don't need as many scarves from each person, so I'm limiting my fiber contribution to one (1) scarf, and then donating $ instead of multiple scarves. I'm also talking with a friend - who was in foster care as a child - about doing the non-Valentine's Day care packages. Later today, I'll update my resource list from the old blog and post it on this site.

Friday, August 1:
Signups open for Dish Rag Tag 2. US only, sign-ups close on 8/8 or 3oo participants, whichever comes first. I did such an awful job w/ my dish rag last time that I'm not going to play, but it's something that a lot of people have fun with.

Friday, August 8
: IH Contest drawing; my birthday

Saturday, August 23: Craft Show @ Holly Library 9:30 - ?

September 1: Start mailing Red Scarves to OFA. You have until mid-October

: Viva Pinata 2

Saturday, September 13: Knitterpalooza 2008 (I'm not sure I'll be able to make it, but wanted to "get it out there" for everyone else!)

October 15: Deadline for Red Scarves' arrival at OFA

October 31:
My favorite holiday. I've already ordered some items for the nephews' and nieces' goody bags.

From previous calendars:
Saucy's Wedding Party on 6/26 was a hoot, as was A Fanciful Twist's Mad Tea Party (of the costume variety) on the 28th. The July 4 BBQ in Ohio was more fun than anticipated, plus I finished my first socks. Psych season 2 was released on DVD on 7/8, but I didn't get it until the weekend. Yes indeedy, I watched it all by the season 3 premiere on the 18th. Anita, John and I all enjoyed Hellboy II very much. It didn't make it onto the calendar, but John and I also saw The Dark Knight, and thought it was excellent.

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