Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Little Wish List

This post has several purposes. 1) to share some recent cool finds, 2) to serve as a bookmark list in case I come into some mad money, 3) in case someone wants to buy me a present. I don't think that's ever happened (people buying me things off of lists like this), so believe me, it's not my main intention!

SIL C told me that Joann Fabrics had a bunch of acorn things, and man, she wasn't kidding! I want it all, except for the weird metal object (candle holder) that has maple leaves with acorns. I couldn't take many pics -- apparently, it's against the rules. Here are a couple of pics (click to embiggen):

acorn cake plate acorn butter dish

Goodies found online

I could swear that I've bookmarked more items, but I'm not finding them. Sigh.

Bigger ticket wishes
iPod dock for car (I don't have a data jack, so I have to have one of those broadcaster things)
1" button maker

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Tvini said...

Now, I know you like acorns. Is it you who likes hedgehogs, or am I getting my crafty blogpeople mixed up?