Sunday, July 13, 2008


This is our Cass, who steals snack food out of bags and bowls. She almost never eats "face first," preferring to pick up the bits with her paw. Sometimes she drops her treasures before eating them; sometimes, she lifts the food to her mouth.

I shot several clips of her yesterday, and John edited them together last night. All told, she probably ate 7 pieces of popcorn in an 8-hour stretch - it's not something we let her do all the time. She's also been known to steal french fries in this fashion, and loves cheese dip.

In other news
I got out yesterday to visit a few of the thrift stores in the area. No real spectacular finds (I only made it to three, and the pricers at two of the stores live in a special fantasy world where empty salad dressing bottles are worth $1). I did pick up:

  • Tombstone cookie mold pan ($2)

  • S'more Maker ($4) -- I couldn't resist!

  • Apple peeler/corer

  • 4 wood plates

  • 2 pairs of shoes

  • 2 huge glass mugs (for John)

  • A couple of books for Heather's kids. I've been meaning to get some books for them, although not necessarily at the thrift store; however, two books about sharks - the very subject M. (the girl) is most interest in - fell off the shelf and hit my leg. Had to buy them.

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Chocolate Milk said...

I can't see this picture of Cass!!!
Can you email it to me????