Monday, July 28, 2008

Knitting Update; iPod Lost & Found

A Knitting Update
My (in-progress) green sock and I had a fight yesterday. I started decreasing for the toes, and at some point during the weekend, a needle came out of the stitches and one of the decreases got rippped out. I have to tink* about four rows, and I just don't feel like it.

Yesterday afternoon, I grabbed several balls of Bazic from my stash, in sufficiently girly colors, and started on a striped ribbed scarf. I'd wanted to start on a Red Scarf, but don't have enough of the right colors. I think niece K will like it. I worked on it by lamplight, but I'm pretty sure I have seven colors: red, several pinks, orange, lavender and a tiny bit of green. I'm doing a random stripe pattern, and adding a large button hole for a different look (pull one end through). I've lost track of how many items I've made with this yarn! It's 100% wool, but washable. It's about time to find a few more balls of it; I like having some one hand at all times.

As long as she thinks it's cool to get handmade gifts from her favorite (coughonlycough) auntie, I'm happy to make things for her. Her mom didn't know if she'd want a hat this year, but she always wants scarves, so I'm risking it.

As for the Red Scarf Project, I'm going to put myself in the place of a college student and track down some machine-washable yarn. I've had more than one person just rave about how pretty the yarn was that I used to knit the hats for Jen's boys. It was just Jiffy, from Lion Brand! I want to find something with some wool in it, maybe some 1820 Wool or even some Bazic, but am going to keep it simple.

*tink is "knit" spelled backwards. It's what you do when you "unknit" as opposed to rip out - or frog - stitches.

Lost and Found
Olivia's New OutfitOlivia (my iPod) went missing over the weekend. I woke up earlier than planned on Sunday and, wanting some music while I read, frantically dug through my purse and tote bag, looking for her (eventually waking John in the process), but she was nowhere to be found; even though I specifically remembered disconnecting her and putting her in my purse. When I stepped out of the car later that morning, there she was: sitting in the driveway. Thank goodness we hadn't had any rain! I've been toying with the idea of saving up for a newer model (one with video capabilities), but losing or destroying my existing one wasn't part of the plan! Luckily, she works just fine.

I'm still kind of in shock that she sat there all of Saturday afternoon, through the evening and into Sunday morning! Just on Friday, there was someone going door-to-door in our neighborhood, trying to open doors. I'm not sure they caught the guy! Our neighbors (to the north - the not crazy ones) are in their yard a lot, and mere feet from our driveway on a regular basis.

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