Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Friday (the 4th) was a lot of fun. I finished my socks during the party and wore them the rest of the night. (I didn't knit the whole time!)

We didn't get home until 2:30 AM or so, and it took awhile to fall asleep, so Saturday was shot. I'm still a little tired, but I'm also feeling a little down, emotionally, so that might be the cause of the fatigue.

Charlie tried to kill me yesterday. Luckily, I was on the way up the stairs, instead of down, when he jumped under my feet and caused me to fall. That was before work. After I got to work, I locked my keys in my car (thank goodness for AAA Plus).

I'm deep into indexing my ever-growing collection of Halloween tunes, and compiling the lists for the mixes I want to do. I'm getting some ideas from Halloween Radio.

Oh, and I'm never flying again. ETA: Link removed b/c it wasn't true. The taser-bracelets exist, but no airline is considering them for passengers. Whew. It's sad that so many people (myself included) were willing to believe it, based on all the other measures that are being taken.

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A said...

I watched a special on disgruntled with the airlines. Very informative.

They say to complain at hte FAA for a Air control program that is 20 years old and a lot of the hassle is FAA controlled.

Glad Charlie did not succeed in quest!