Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lunchtime Drive-by

IH Contest
First, a quick reminder about the IH Contest. I've received a couple of pictures of already-shipped packages, and have heard from several folks who have packages in the works. Thanks to everyone! I also just heard from Stacie, who has also held IH Contests, and she is offering up a spiffy prize featuring some hard-to-get Ravelry items.

Some Time Sucks
I've been trying to catch up on Bloglines again, after being sick, and found a couple fun goodies to suck up some of your time: Big Red Button and thisissand (both via How About Orange...).

Firefox Spell-check
We need to talk, Firefox. Until recently, you weren't recognizing most contractions as words. Today, you tried to tell me that I spelled "bandana" wrong. (Still are, as it happens.) It does not have two Ns at the end. I'm afraid I can't trust you, which is sad, because I get typing too fast and misspell words too frequently.

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Cateling said...

Hey, check out your new digs! Sorry I've been largely absent.

Thought you might be interested in this link. You've probalby seen it on Ravelry, but just checkin.