Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Haunted Juke Box

(I think there is actually a radio station with this name, but I thought it was a cool title. Bear with me.)

As mentioned previously (like, yesterday), I am in pursuit of a really excellent collection of Halloween music. I'm well on my way, but I'd love to get some suggestions. I need to make at least two different mixes, possibly three.

1. Party mix. Not necessarily traditional; one of the songs on this list is Santana & Everlast's "Put Your Lights On."

2. Kid-friendly
2b. Kid-friendly with no rock n' roll or references to witches, etc. ("I put a spell on you" from the Hocus Pocus soundtrack would be right out.)

3. Vintage mix (I think I have this one covered with some of the downloads I got yesterday. (Some really excellent big band music, Louis Armstrong, etc., but more is better.))

Suggestions welcome! Think back to a Halloween party you've been to -- if you remember the music, what song really stood out? Is there a song you've thought should be in a Halloween mix? Share!

Maybe we can work out a swap later this summer, if anyone is interested. I can guarantee a drawing for one - or all - of the mixes I come up with, come September (my goal anyway).

Back to the drawing board
Well, crap. The super-cool earphones that I got over the weekend? Trigger dizzy spells for me right now. It could be b/c the Miniere's is acting up, so I'm holding onto them to test later. This sucks, because they were very comfortable! They were, however, really loud: inside the house (so not a lot of outside noise), the absolute lowest setting on my iPod (aka Olivia) is almost too loud.


Anonymous said...

Okay, how about "Trick or Treat" by Otis Redding? And I am totally into novelty jazz, Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes by The Spirits of Rhythm, The Skeleton in the Closet by Louis Armstrong and Satan Takes a Holiday from Tommy Dorsey...I have more, but it's on a different computer! Oh, Shine On Harvest Moon from Artie Shaw... Hope that helps!

a : )

Laume said...

I'm a little confused why you assume rock n' roll or witch references are inappropriate for a child friendly mix but you might find a few songs you like for this on John McCutcheon's Autumn album.

Melissa said...

laume: No confusion here. The family in question does not welcome any such music. I'm trying to be considerate of their wishes. I'll check out this album, thanks!

TheMadBlonde said...

The Ultimate Big Band "Boo"gie mix:

Bewitched, Bogied, & Beshadowed

1) That Old Black Magic (Mercer/Arlen)- Margaret Whiting,
Freddie Slack & His Orchestra
2) Witchcraft (Leigh/Coleman)- Frank Sinatra
3) Bewitched (Greenfield/Keller)- Steve Lawrence
4) It's Magic (Cohn/Styne)- Doris Day
5) Old Devil Moon (Harburg/Lane)
- Margaret Whiting, Frank DeVol & His Orchestra
6) He’s a Demon- He’s a Devil- He’s a Doll (Raye/Spinna)
- Betty Hutton
7) Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered (Hart/Rodgers)- Helen Forrest
8) Strange Enchantment (Loesser/Hollander)
- Skinnay Ennis & His Orchestra
9) The Gypsy (Reid)- Dinah Shore
10) Haunted Heart (Schwartz/Dietz)- Tommy Dorsey
11) The House is Haunted (Rose/Adlam)
-Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra
12) The Bogey Wail (Meyers)
-Sam Browne, Jack Hylton & His Orchestra
13) The Boogie-Woogie Man (Cahn/Chaplin)
-Pee Wee Hunt, Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra
14) The Headless Horseman (Raye/DePaul)
-Kay Starr & The Billy Butterfield Quintet
15) The Skeleton in the Closet (Burke/Johnston)
-Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra
16) Swingin' at the Séance (Stone/Avey/Carmise; arrangement- Billy May)
-Dorothy Claire & Glenn Miller & His Orchestra