Friday, July 25, 2008

Crafty Fun Friday, 25 July 2008

This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while! See the first link for source. (Edited late on Friday to add two mushroom/toadstool projects (end).)

(crafting) Check out this list of Things to Make, including a watermelon keg!

(sewing) Baby Bandana Pants

(shopping) Mama Merit Badges. Just what it sounds like.

(sewing) 5-minute skirt

(reading) Book plates to print out (link to PDF is in story).

(crafting) My Little Mushroom (little felt mushroom, the only kind I don't hate)

(cooking) Hide & Seek Muffins (children's book-related activity)

(sewing) Fairy Dress up - adorable little dress

(cooking) EZ Pinwheel Sandwiches (not cooking, really)

(sewing) Thread Catcher, via Whip-up. I should make one of these!

(cleaning) How to get kids to clean their rooms (one blogger's diabolical plan)

(stenciling) Chocolate Bunny Ts (also, check out her Apron Dress pattern/tute)

(sewing) Lounge Pants from a Tshirt, via Everyday Chaos

(sewing) Fun tutorials from Stardust Shoes for baby toys (plus party ideas).

(crocheting) Simple Crocheted Flower

(crafting) Button-covered Brads (see the comments for some clever uses)

(knitting) Mr. Pointy (Buffy's favorite stake)

(knitting) Toadstool Baby Rattle

(knitting) Felted Mushrooms

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