Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ooga Booga Booga Booga

Re: Title -- I'm trying to remember a quote from Porky's II without watching it (love it, just not in the mood) ETA: Of course, John remembered it exactly. I'm declaring Halloween season on this blog. Not like I don't mention it whenever the mood strikes. So, mostly, I have a new header.

Anyway. Like the new header? I had 2 concepts and decided to combine them. The top font is "Dead Secretary." The orange cats, pumpkins and ghosts are Halloween noisemakers I got in Hell, MI last weekend. The ghost on the right is John. We have been known to, on occasion, dress up and take pictures in old, secluded graveyards. There isn't one of me that I like yet. He combined it with several elements he photographed, into this little masterpiece (reduced and watermarked):

We keep a nice framed print of it on the wall year 'round.

We're thinking about going to the big haunted house attraction in Pontiac next weekend. I don't generally "do" haunted houses. I'm afraid of the dark and claustrophobic. But John really wants to go and is prepared for me to be gripping his arm really tightly.

Yesterday, we went to the cider mill in Plymouth. We bought cider, took the tractor ride, and just enjoyed the day. I got a honey bear for my chamomile tea at work (and one for home). They have a little farm set-up there, but not a petting-zoo type place. The posted signs that read "Do not reach through fence, animals may nip" did not keep one woman near us from yelling to her kids: "Stick that grass through the fence. I want a picture!" Sigh.

Crappy Real Estate Broker News
Over two weeks now since the deal fell through, and no refund on our deposit. The guy won't even respond to our attorney. Upon the advice of a broker friend of Jdub's, I've documented the experience in detail (3 pages) and am mailing it to the head office tomorrow. The broker I spoke with was flabbergasted at just the few examples I gave him, and practically demanded that I file a complaint straight away, refund or not. Interestingly enough, Keller Williams doesn't have their mailing address anywhere on their site. (The bad agent is a franchise owner.) My Google-fu was strong yesterday (at about 2 AM), after I tracked down the name of an individual at corporate, then searched on her name, which led me to a professional networking site (similar to Linkd in, which I'm on) that listed the address for the corporate office.

I will probably post a copy of the letter, redacted of course, at some point in the future, but if you want to read it sooner, shoot me a note and I'll send a PDF. I'm not bragging, but those that do read it will see how I was told at one job that my writing skills made me dangerous, and how I was "laid off" a couple of weeks later. (Foolish man, my boss. Sat down one day to read a year's worth of reports to the board of directors. (I was required to send them one a month.) Gasp! I was reporting things as they actually occurred!) Nothing changed throughout a year of reports -- proof positive that the board wasn't reading them, either.)


gwensmom said...

Love your new header! It's totally you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my friend Mary owns Plymouth Orchards, and when I worked for her a little kid was bitten by a pig. . .thus, the no fingers through the fence signs. The attorney representing the family said her career as a hand model was ruined! Can you believe it? Common sense ain't so common. . .

Next time you go? get a caramel apple. They're the best around. I swear.
--tanyatho on ravelry

Liz said...

I adore the Halloween theme! Good for you!

am said...

I like the header also. I did not know that the ghost was John. how cool.