Thursday, September 11, 2008

Check-up for Sheldon

Sheldon, sleeping on his daddy
Sheldon, on John's shoulder - Memorial Day Weekend, 2006

A little over a year ago, we had to rush Sheldon to the hospital because he'd suddenly started walking into walls. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure and mild heart disease (blood pressure spikes caused his retinas to partially detach). The next weekend, we were due to go out of town with my brother's family, to visit my parents' graves. Sheldon, who is not a traveler, went with us, on a leash or in a special carrier (I wish I could remember where I stashed this!). He actually did really well, but we've refrained from taking him in the car with us otherwise because it seems so traumatic for him.

Today was his check-up. We're a little late, but he's been doing so well that we weren't worried; however, one of his prescriptions ran out and he had to see the heart specialist to get them renewed, and we want to make sure he's really doing okay. I dropped him and John off at the hospital, and returned home to continue working until they were done. (I'm working at home today, and the hospital is less than a mile from our house.)

he's doing very well. He needs to continue to take his meds (one twice a day, one once) and they're adding ¼ of a Pepcid because his tummy's been upset, but his blood pressure is normal and the upper chamber of the heart has reduced in size. His left retina is still partially detached, but otherwise his vision is good. I am SO an expert at giving pills to cats; not such a big fan of cutting them up, though. Major pain. At this moment, he's walking the house, dragging around some article of clothing he pulled out of a hamper, and yowling. Pretty much back to normal.

Later today, if a local store has it in stock, I want to get a copy of this book: Your Older Cat. It's time. We have three cats now who are considered senior, and their needs are changing. (Note: the book isn't available locally, so I've ordered it from Amazon (along with a cat behavior book).)


gwensmom said...

I'm glad to hear that he is doing well. Maybe you need to change your name to crazygeriatriccatladymel.

Pharmacies have these little contraptions that cut pills. It's much easier than trying to use a knife or just splitting them with your hands.

Melissa said...

We have one of those. They're great for halving pills, but quartering them is a real pain. We use the cutter and a tiny screwdriver (or whatever's handy) to maneuver the halves into place. Three pills to quarter, one of them diamond-shaped! I did just pick up one of those AM/PM pill boxes, with 14 slots, so we can get a bunch done up in advance.