Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just a Quickie

I didn't mention before that John's ring tone when I call him is the music from the driving scene in Psycho. I picked it out, but I wonder if other people will believe him?

The inspection is this morning. I won't be there -- time is of the essence and if the guy is available this AM, then that's when it's taking place. John will be there the entire time.

I am going to start packing, and paring down. First to go:

  1. VHS tapes. I have piles of them. We're keeping a few, but most will have to go. Any suggestions (charities?) and/or takers? I have the entire series of Twin Peaks on tape, including the premiere episode.
  2. Books. I'm going to start packing books, too. Unless the author is an old favorite, if I haven't felt the need to reread a book in a series in a couple of years, I'm going to get rid of it. All of my Grishams are going (spoken for), and some of my Pattersons.
  3. My old sewing table/machine. I'll probably put it on Craig's List for a small amount ($10?) unless someone that reads this - and is local - wants it. It's a built-in machine. Doesn't work for me, but probably only needs a cleaning, or tuning, or whatever they do to sewing machines. (spoken for)
I am tired, but it's going to get worse before it gets better, I imagine.


Anonymous said...

Hey love,
I would enjoy a sewing machine.
Maybe I can get it cleaned/working somewhere here in Holly.

Amy said...

I'd love to take some Grisham books off your hands - If you want. ;) I'll front you shipping or something if you want.

Melissa said...

jen: It's yours! I'll have it empty by the weekend.

amy: They're yours. I'll get in touch after things are sorted out.