Friday, September 19, 2008

A week?

It has NOT been a week since I posted! Has it? Crap. Better than a month, I guess.

So, what's happening? Househunting. We have a short list of one right now. It's well within our budget, but a little smaller (slightly larger footprint, but no second story (this house has a half story)). Upside: 2 acres of mostly oak trees. We found a house we liked better, with a larger but less cool lot and decided to place an offer. Turns out they can't sell it right now -- they didn't record the easement (long-ass driveway). It's been on the market since July and they just figured out they can't sell it the way it is. Sigh. There are also two other offers pending.

We have a new real estate agent team. The two people we're working with (our main guy's wife is having a crisis in her pregnancy so another teammate helps out) both know the con-artist we were working with on the last house. The main guy won't let the con even show his houses, and won't show any of the con's listings, period. Okay with us -- we already decided that we won't consider any house that Keller Williams lists. This one guy could potentially pull down the entire agency. In our case, they only lost the possibility of a sale, but I guess there have been tons of complaints filed about the guy. It's been a very interesting week.

Meanwhile, our deposit check still hasn't turned up. The agent actually told me that it had been mailed on Sept. 6th. Funny, since we didn't give them the full amount until the 7th, and our offer wasn't rejected until the 11th. Guy lies like it's breathing. Now they won't tell us when it was mailed.

Get this: our new real estate agents will actually show us houses that they didn't list! Amazing!! (The first team, in the body of the female agent, would only show us houses that they had listed. Every house we asked to see that wasn't on their books was not available or had miraculously sold that morning. We were stuck in limbo while we waited for the sale to either go through or fall through, and then we ran in the opposite direction.)

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I uploaded a new avatar on Ravelry just for this purpose. If you load an avatar today with the word pirate in the title, a little parrot gets added to it. Mine landed in an interesting position -- absolutely unintentional.

Knitting Update
  1. I need either a crochet lesson or someone who can help me add a half-double edge to 3 children's hats.
  2. I'm finally finishing the second pair of socks. We had words, first sock and I, and it sat in my bag for over a month. We made up, and now I'm in the gusset of sock #2. I quite like the yarn -- there's nothing wrong with it at all -- I just had to work out a better way to carry my knitting so when I reach into my tote for it, it doesn't come half off the needles! Now I have a smaller canvas tote inside the bigger one, which is helping a lot.
  3. I'm now the proud owner a skein of Wollmeise, which is, apparently, a hot property in the knitting world right now. Another Raveler got sick of all they hype surrounding it and said the first person who PMd her could have it. It's chocolate colored, but the thinnest yarn I've ever seen. I'm a little scared.
  4. I'm working on a destash listing/page. I have 2 pair of Sox Stix, a stack of magazines and some books set aside to sell. Then I'll attack the yarn. Watch for it this weekend!

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