Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Been a Quiet Week

two row noro scarf wipI apologize for the lack of updates, but there is just not a lot going on. I finished my scarf for the 2009 Red Scarf Project and started on something I've wanted to do for a long time: this 2-row Noro scarf. I'm grateful for the opportunity to do ads-for-yarn, because otherwise, I don't think I could bring myself to make a scarf with yarn this pricey. But darn it, I love how this is turning out! Basically, you get 2 colorways of any Noro yarn (this is Silk Garden), work in some kind of ribbing (this is Mistake Rib) and switch the yarn every two rows. Each yarn is variegated, so you end up with a really fascinating color combination. The idea is that you could close your eyes and grab any two colorways and end up with something fabulous.

Because I'm doing a Mistake Rib, I didn't have to cast on quite as many stitches to get the width I wanted, so I'm thinking that I'll have enough for a hat. (I have 2 balls of each colorway.)

I've been knitting on it while watching movies (or season 5 of NCIS) with John, and took it on a little road trip yesterday. (We love our mini road trips!) I sincerely wish we had a pet that liked riding in the car. That was really the only thing missing but, alas, not one of our cats likes travel.

Aside: we took one more chance and bid on the house we like so much. This time, all pretense of niceness on our part was gone. They refused to do business with our new agent, so we laid down the law and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that this was their one and only chance to get this right. No one else wants this house. It's quirky and needs work. We lowered our offer - not a lot, just enough to make a point - and insisted on getting the purchase agreement in advance. We had a lawyer review it, and went back with "make these changes or we aren't meeting." Surprise. All the things they balked at last time, like listing the seller's name on the paperwork, were suddenly fine.

Anyway. I could go on and on about the plans we're making, despite our earnest attempts to not get our hopes up. When John proposed a little road trip yesterday to scope out some of the small towns in the area, I agreed, but only if we didn't go near the house.

We drove through some of the towns without seeing any evidence of "town." We got a huge kick out of Grape, Michigan, in Raisinville Twp. At the crossroads was a house covered in grapevines - with grapes. The weather was lovely. We had one upsetting moment when we drove through Waltz to see what was on the other side (nothing), and passed a sod farm. The stench from the fertilizer was so intense that it made us both a little sick for several minutes. So, note to self: don't drive through Waltz. Stop at the Inn (Waltz Inn, LOL) and get some yummy food, then turn around and go out the way you came.

If we get this house, I want to name it. I've always wanted a house with a name. John likes toads, and we found one the first time we went into the basement, but "Toad Hollow" is out (because it's kind of obvious). We both like acorns, especially me, and there are, I believe at least two oaks on the property, so something to do with acorns would be nice. gidesigns has a couple very nifty acorn doorknockers. I want them both, to be honest. One will go onto at least one door, no matter what we name the house.

If our offer is accepted, and the house passes inspection, I'll have so much more to say! It's been difficult, to say the least, to keep myself from thinking too much about it, and to have it all out in the blog would be bothersome if things didn't come to pass. So, please, light candles, say prayers, cross fingers, etc.


Sharon said...

I propose Toad Abode.

Melissa said...

I think hub will like that one.

Katy said...

I always liked "Toad Hall" from wind in the willows. One of my favorite stories, and a knitting fiend of a badger mother in it.