Friday, September 5, 2008

Crafty Fun Friday, 5 September 20

I was hoping this would be longer, but my bloglines (where I find many treasures to share) is on strike. More next week!

deans car2(geeky) Tenuous craft connection. I finally caved and joined yet another media-related group on Ravelry, Supernatural Fans*, and found a couple of interesting links right off the bat that I thought I'd share: Index of every song played in every episode so far (3 seasons); Sam & Dean's Supernatural Tea (an Adagio signature blend created by a couple members of the group.) In case you missed it, season 3 was released on DVD on Tuesday, 2 September, and some packages (available at Best Buy only) come with a miniature replica of the Impala (pictured here).

(sewing) Produce Bags from Doilies

(embellishing) Turn a lamp shade frame into a work of art

(crafting) Paper Fortune Cookies, via How About Orange. I have made the real thing (and will again, once we move and I have a kitchen I can move around in) and the process is similar, except that you don't have to wear cotton gloves or reach into a hot stove. You also don't get anything to eat.

cupcake_flagsGiveaway: I'll pick 2 names from comments for this post to send a package of Cupcake flags to. Anywhere in the world, y'all. Time's up. No takers = more for me.
(scrapping (digitally))Every month, the Shabby Princess posts a free scrapbook-y computer wallpaper, with calendar, just waiting for your pictures.

(lighting) Too nifty temporary LED lights for the garden (or elsewhere), via NotMartha

*Because I already belong to a lot of groups** (for me -- some people belong to over 100), I usually make myself quit one group when I join another. On the chopping block this time: the Miss Marple group. Nothing wrong with the group itself, but the main focus is the current BBC series, which I despise.

**37, but there are several inactive ones that I'm hesitant about quitting, one of which is just a group for trash threads from another inactive group. So, about 32 active groups, three of which I actually own, another five that I co-moderate.

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