Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Cake is a Lie (Or, I'm a total geek)

Current song obsession:

I didn't play Portal -- the first-person stuff makes me dizzy & nauseated -- but John did. I watched him for awhile (before I got woozy), then he showed me the closing credits. It's only recently that I've decided I just love this song. It's on my iPod, to add to the already-eclectic mix. (If you play Rock Star, it's available as a selection -- probably have to download it? (I don't have the coordination for any game like that so I don't know the specifics.))

I will probably always love any media that talks about "doing science." (Obscure Lost Skeleton of Cadavra reference, perhaps? That's why I like it. ) For the record, I understand that the cake is Black Forest, which is probably my all-time favorite (if it's done right).

For my own gaming action, I'm deep into Viva PiƱata 2. Just my speed. (WoW is on hold because of the monthly cost for 2 accounts, plus time.)

In addition, I think I'm developing a little girl crush on Felicia Day, because it was this video that reminded me of the Portal theme. I didn't even finish watching it before I asked John to share his MP3 version of it with me. Then John sent me a link to The Guild, and I sat up late and watched every one of the ten episodes (and will get it on DVD, along with Dr. Horrible (which she is also in)). She has a blog, too. (In my defense, John found the video at the top of this paragraph on the blog and sent me the link. I'm NOT stalking her. Promise.)

Oh! My acorn keyring is already here! Look:
acorn keyring in actionSo well done. I can't do my split keychain (where I detach the car key so I can warm up my car and have it locked) with it, because it makes the whole thing too long. But... don't care right now. Really.

Source: Iron Oak Forge via the Just Acorns group on Flickr.

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R. M. Koske said...

I found your blog from Ravelry - your Pirate ravatar made me think you might be someone I'd have interests in common with. (You're in a costume! With a corset! I love it!)

I wanted to comment on this post because if you haven't dug around and found the other stuff by the guy who wrote "Still Alive," you might want to. Jonathan Coulton writes some pretty fun, geeky songs and a lot of them are available on his website for free.

Have a great day!

(My Ravelry handle is rmkoske.)