Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's Official: Hell Has Frozen Over

My husband has a cell phone.

What with buying a house over an hour away, there is just no way we can keep on without him having one. The conditions were: (1) cheapest phone possible (free is best) and (2) only I have the number. (He really hates cell phones.)

Now, his free phone (Motorola) is better than mine (Samsung), which was free about a year and a half ago*. He's having fun creating ringtones, where I can't even download ones I'd have to pay for. (I've hated this phone since it arrived. Sucky design, limited in so many ways.)

*We're similar in our hatred of expensive cell phones. Me, because I tend to drop them (or have a cat pee on them (happened)); him, because he hates cell phones (why pay extra?).


gwensmom said...

Ok how do you get a free cell phone? Hell hasn't frozen over for me yet. But I will need one next year when Gwen goes to a school that's not close to the house.

I really really hate cell phones too. When people talk on them loudly in stores and in public I want to scream! Especially when they are arguing.

Chocolate Milk said...

Good for John!
I bet he ends up using it more then he thinks.