Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another Time Suck

charlie watching youtube oct08bCharlie likes YouTube, particularly bird videos and puppies and/or kittens wrestling, especially if they make a lot of noise.

So, yeah, I joined Facebook. Poor John was invited to join, then kind of inundated with messages from people he hasn't seen or heard from in years. I remembered my friend Lisa mentioning it, and thought I'd join to say "Hi" to her, and give John a connection there as well. Turns out a lot of people I know are on Facebook; there were fewer people in my phone book (Gmail) who weren't in it than who were. I "friended" the ones I recognized (you know gMail puts every one you email into your contacts list). A few have responded, and I spent some time putting in photos, etc. (like the above), plus profiles for all the cats. (If I know you, and missed you, it's because I a) don't have the email addy in my book that matches your account, or b) didn't recognize the entry.)

One of the first things I did was find a couple of people that I don't want to hear from and block them. That was strangely satisfying! (I mentioned them in the "church" post a couple of weeks ago.) To prove I'm a complete geek: my favorite app so far is Flair.

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Lisa, sfo said...

Mwahaha! Got ya sucked into Facebook! :-) And I agree with you on the blocking ability; I've done that, too, and I'm mighty grateful for it!

As for the apps, Flair is also one of my faves -- especially neat that you can create/share your own.

There are quite a few other apps that got me due to their high cute factors, like (fluff)Friends and Pet Society. Others are games like Space Movers (which benefits the Arbor Day Foundation; nice plus) and PackRat. The sheer quantity of fun/entertaining stuff available there is just amazing! (Yeah, there's a lot of crud, but also lots of good stuff.)

Anyhoo, glad you're having fun there! :-)