Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This'n That

Shut up already
You wouldn't know it by my blog (lately), but in person and sometimes in writing I talk way too much (stop laughing). Then I get embarrassed because I overshared, or just overdid it, and feel like hiding.

Other times, I start out with the hiding, because my introverted side is in charge. I don't go to local knitting groups (there are some weekly ones around here), and if I do go to some kind of event, I either stick with the one poor soul that I know or just sit on my own and observe. I will, eventually, force myself to introduce myself to someone, but that bit of effort took me years to work up to.

Weird, isn't it? I'm in the "oops, I overshared, so I'm hiding out" mode right now. The result is that I'll take a break for a few days from something that was taking up way too much of my time (as fun as it was). I'm not upset with anyone but myself, which is why I'm not explaining more. (ETA: Okay, it turns out I am a little pissed at being singled out about something publicly, but it was masked by the embarrassment. I'm still not going into details about the site or the situation.)

In other news...

I tackled one shelf of books and have a large pile to sell or give away. Interesting how tastes change, huh? When I bought the copy of Shabby Chic, I drooled over so many of the pictures. Now, not so much. Many other decorating books went into the pile, plus some others I don't remember buying or haven't felt inclined to open in many years. I'll post a list at some point. Several shelves to go, but first I have to figure out a better process!

We continue with the house hunt. We have a bid in on a house, but it's short-sale and we don't know if/when it will be approved, and there are at least 2 other offers. We haven't put down a deposit yet (they haven't asked for one), so we feel comfortable with looking at other properties. There is a possible one in the queue -- we're waiting to hear from our (excellent) agent if the selling agent thinks our offer would have a chance.

I finished the cutest little baby shrug/cardigan late last week! I used a superwash yarn (Dream in Color Classy) that resembles grape juice -- mostly purple with occasional bits of blue -- to knit it up in a 12-month size for a coworker. I also finished my second pair of socks! (Pics to come for both.) Next up: a pair for John.

I started organizing my yarn stash, organizing the yarns by brand and weight into plastic zipper bags. I think actually packing it all now would be asking for trouble, but it's helped with all the random small balls of leftovers that were piling up.

Horror movie fans may want to check out Dario Argento's Mother of Tears, or La Terza madre, the third installment in the trilogy that started with Suspiria (Inferno is the second movie). Suspiria got a tiny shout-out in Juno, and is up there on the scary movie ladder. (It's also really gory, so don't let the little ones in the room!)


Cateling said...

Where is the baby sweater pic? What pattern did you use, and do you recommend it? I'm about 2/3 through the Baby Kimono from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, and I need to make another something for another baby when I'm finished.

Melissa said...

Here's the pattern

I need to fix the shoulders b/c they blocked funny, then I'll photograph mine.

My mods:
smaller needles on the ribbing
skipped the eyelet rows at the end of the sleeves
worked the sleeves in the round (might have to tweak the CO to give the sleeve sections an even #)