Sunday, October 19, 2008

House Hunting Follow-up Post, plus some related Politics

I thought it was hysterical that John Stossel did a story on 20/20 Friday night called "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics," and touched on several points that I'd made in my entry yesterday morning. Hysterical because I didn't see it until last night. The show was, in my opinion, absolutely frelling brilliant. You can catch it on YouTube: part one (of 6) starts here.

Interesting follow-up: I got a comment on my other post from a friend who has friends - in another state - in the same boat, except that they offered the asking price and the bank countered with an even higher amount. (Not a bidding war, either.) Now that's just insane. But, at the same time, not a big surprise. I've never heard of this! You list the house for the amount you want, and if someone offers that amount, you take it. If they offer less, you can negotiate or turn them down flat. Gah! (Later, the house was removed from the market, probably to be re-listed at a higher price.)

You might want to look away now
This will be my only political statement this year. I'm so disgusted by the behavior of some people, especially online,* that I've been steering clear from any public discussion, and it's been working well for me. I will admit to not reading any emails that have what looks like political taglines in the subject or first line (visible in my reader) and skipping blog posts on the topic as well. (So I won't blame anyone for sliding right by this entry!) Back to cats & knitting and stuff tomorrow!

I don't talk about politics much because I don't see the point. You aren't going to convince me to vote for your guy, and I don't have a candidate to argue for (the Libertarian candidate this time around is a joke too). There isn't one candidate running right now that doesn't turn my stomach, and I'm sick of trying to choose the "lesser evil," so I'm not voting.

It's a popularity contest, with promises being made that can't be kept, not unlike the High School class president who promises longer lunch breaks, shorter classes, better food, and less homework. Then he gets elected and, of course, doesn't deliver, because he never could, and everyone who believed him should have known better. If they were honest, they'd admit that they voted for the new class prez because he was cute, was a smooth talker, had cool hair, was on the football team, whatever. The candidates for the presidency of the United States are making promises they can't keep, because that's what they do. They're counting on their popularity to carry them.

Some people don't even know their candidate's issues. I heard about this through other sources, because I am SO not a fan, but this clip from a recent Howard Stern show is interesting. This example is, sadly, too one-sided and was obviously done by a pro-McCain person. Someone needs to get out there and do the same thing to people wearing McCain badges/shirts and see if they know HIS issues. I'd bet not.

Please note the lack of a comment button on this entry. That's because I'm not entering into a debate. I'm not telling anyone else what to do, simply sharing my plans. That's the beauty part about being Libertarian: you can think or do whatever you want, and I don't mind, as long as it doesn't touch me or my liberty.

*Oy. I've cut down on my Ravelry time for many reasons, but a bonus is that I don't have to look at the downright hateful avatars that some people are using. One group made a collection of them mocking the "Community Organizer" avatars, and replace the pictures with images of Manson, Hitler, etc. (after a lot of public outcry, I think most of those folks removed the avatars on their own). One person even issued a death threat against a candidate, and when someone suggested that she was joking, responded privately with a direct message saying she wasn't joking, not even a little, that if that candidate was elected, she would do something about it. (It is my understanding that the recipient of the PM contacted the Secret Service, but I don't know anything beyond that.)