Wednesday, October 15, 2008

By Request

Pics for Cate, who needed to see the baby shrug I mentioned in a previous post. (The darker spots are the result of a quick dampening to fix the shoulder blocking.)

Yarn: Dream in Color, "Classy" (colorway: Deep Seaflower)

Needles: US8 & 7 (for the ribbing)

Pattern (size 12 mo.)

1. Switched to smaller needles for the ribbing
2. Skipped the eyelet rows
3. Worked the sleeves in the round


Cateling said...

Beautiful sweater! I love how the yarn knitted up!

Tonya said...

I like how this looks in Dream in Color!

Melissa said...

Thanks, ladies!

Tonya: It will be a while before I can see it modeled (Sofia isn't due for some weeks yet, and I made a 12 mo. size), but her parents were thrilled with it.