Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hell & Back '08 Photos

Hell & Back 08These were taken back in September and have been on Flickr, but I just now got around to creating & posting the collage.

Mostly annual road trip to Hell, MI. There isn't a lot to do in Hell, so we usually pick at least one other small town to visit.

They changed out the cut-outs this year!
1. roadtrip hell08 bigfoot, 2. roadtrip hell08 devil,

Every time we go, there is some kind of event. The guy who owns the two main business in Hell is big on promotion. This time, it was a hearse show. My favorite was the coffin grill.
3. 20sept08_hell_pumpkinembalmer, 4. 20sept08_hell_hearse1a, 5. 20sept08_hell_hearse1b, 6. roadtrip hell08 sign, 7. 20sept08_hell_coffingrill, 8. 20sept08_hell_smokincorpse,

Then we drove over the Dexter (no pics), where I got a baby gift for a co-worker (to go with the green booties - below - and a sweater I just finished), some excellent acorn dish towels (which I'll photograph someday), plus a Christmas present for my brother's family's dog, Joy. From Dexter, it was on to Chelsea, where they mill and package Jiffy Mix. We didn't take the tour at the Teddy Bear Co., but we did wander around the shop.
9. 20sept08_chelsea_jiffy1, 10. 20sept08_chelsea_jiffy2, 11. 20sept08_chelsea_teddyco,

Finally, the knitting, which I've already shown. It just belonged in the mosaic.
12. hell and back booties1, 13. roadtrip hell08 baby socks1

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