Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun with Halloween

Once again, circumstances are conspiring against my celebration of Halloween. Based on when we started house-hunting and bidding on houses, there was a good chance we'd be moving around this time, so I didn't unpack anything and made no plans. Now we're still here, and once again, no Halloween celebration. It makes me sad, to be honest. It's like if you told Clark Griswold he couldn't put up Christmas lights. I keep telling myself, "someday..."

Last year, I was not in the mood (grieving). The year before, I think was the time that Dad got out of the hospital on Halloween. We have been trying to get some related activities in, so it's not like I'm entirely devoid of Halloween goodness. It's just never as much as I want to do. I don't think I'll be content until I have a house that I can entertain in, and throw at least a small dinner/movie party. I do plan to get the kids' goody bags done by this weekend so I can mail the ones I need. Turns out I didn't make them last year, which is annoying.

But, just because I don't get to have any fun, doesn't mean I can't share some good links for you to check out. Maybe y'all can have some fun for me!

Blogs to check out.
I actually have a "Halloween" category on my Bloglines! Some of these sites are from that list, others are more recent finds:

  • Pumkinrot
  • Season of Shadows (I recently won a contest here, but it's been on my bloglines for a couple of months now)
  • Dave Lowe blogs about all kinds of things, but in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween, shares tons of fabulous project (and his yard haunt props)
Other sites

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