Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day

Neo & the Snow DayWe kind of had a lot of snow dumped on us (along with a good portion of the country) today. Luckily, we were somewhat prepared. We ran out late last night to get a few emergency items (I keep thinking of the ice storm in the late 70s that had us all trapped in our homes for a week. I was a kid, so it was great, iceskating on the road, but it was still frustrating), and planned to just hang out all day (it's my work-at-home day).

The worst thing that happened was our internet went out for a few hours (cable too, but it's limited basic, so we didn't miss much). Turns out the snow is really heavy and too deep for our snowblower, so I joked that maybe someone would come by with a plow and offer to dig us out for a reasonable price. Doncha know, round about 7 PM, there's a knock on the door: it's a young boy who wants to know if his stepdad can plow our driveway for $20-or-so. I said, "$20? Do it." It would have taken us hours, and we would have been in a lot of pain. The guy did a great job too. Good thing, because the plow that went by earlier had piled a 4' drift across our entire driveway.

cardinals outside the front window We had fun watching some cardinals go after the red berries on this bush. I don't know what it is, but they like it, so we'll keep it. I was hoping for some close-ups, but a certain monkey/cat leaped onto the divider and knocked a bunch of stuff over. They heard enogh and took off. John spotted blue jays in the back yard earlier in the week.

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