Monday, December 29, 2008

Follow the Sun

First, Sheldon picked out a choice spot in the sun. Then, Charlie sprawled out right next to him, and Sheldon took offense.

sheldon christmasday08Sheldon picked out a new spot...

sheldon blocking light christmasday08...which just so happened to block Charlie's sunlight.

sheldon on couch xmasday08Sheldon was quite amused.*

charlie cold shoulder xmasday08Charlie was not.

3cats in sun xmasday08Then they realized that there was plenty of sunlight to go around.

The end.

*Violently clashing afghan was crocheted by my great-grandmother circa 1980 or so (for my brother; I had to beg for one, then it was damaged). I offered it to him on Christmas Eve, but he said I could keep it.


Lisa, sfo said...

ROTFLOL! Love it! =^..^=

Gertrude Jane McCartney said...

Lovely photos and kitties!
I even like the afghan colors!