Sunday, December 14, 2008

Okay, I'm all decorated for Christmas

leg lamp interior

Maybe not. If we can get the boxes out of the attic at the old house, I would sincerely like to put up at least a small tree. If that plan fails, I have at least put up some decoration, more than I've done for many years. (Sometimes I hang stockings... that's it.)

A Christmas Story was my dad's favorite Christmas movie (it was his era), and probably one of his favorites overall, so for several years, I got him themed gifts. One year was a Red Ryder BB gun (which, sadly, disappeared from his house) and another year, I found this desk lamp. I couldn't afford the full-size version, but he got a big kick out of it just the same. (After Christmas, it will go on my computer table.)

leg lamp exterior 1Here's a small image of it from the outside. (Click to see bigger.) It's not my all-time favorite Christmas movie, but I usually watch it once a year. It makes me feel close to Dad, for one thing, but I get a kick out of it regardless. Watching this movie has also helped me vow to never become "that aunt," the one that doesn't know what age her niece & nephew are, who sends wildly inappropriate/stupid gifts.

I like that they enjoy hand-made gifts, but I'm watching for the time when it just won't do. Actually, this year, my niece is getting a stack of used books (Trixie Belden, most of which are out of print in any form) and a scarf. My nephew, J, is getting one of the toys or games he wants and a snowman nightlight - nothing hand-made. The boy loves snowmen and he loves Christmas. Someday, he might want this lamp. And I'll consider giving it to him (no promises).


g said...

Ha! Very funny. The perfect Christmas decoration. We love that film, too, especially the Dad's skill at swearing.

Lisa, sfo said...

Oh, I love A Christmas Story; so whimsical and charming. Plus, my folks also were of that time period and they, too, got a kick outta all the memories it brought back.

And that lamp is so hilarious! Neat that you have one, even though it's in smaller form. :-)