Thursday, December 4, 2008

Slow Cook Thursday

There is so much to do today, and I'm really sick, but I couldn't stay away from the computer to check out Mrs. G's Slow Cook Thursday, which is about me today! Go check it out (unless you just came from there), and then keep reading, because it's one of my very favorite blogs!

If you have come here via Derfwad Manor, Welcome!!!


a square peg said...

it was fun reading about you over at mrs. g.'s! and i love the poem you chose. now for a quick look around the rest of your blog...

Tammy said...

Hello from another Derfwad! I too loved your poem. I'm a knitter too so am eager to read about your projects!

Gertrude Jane McCartney said...

Okay I say the bit about the tub and here's my offering.
Caulk it. Go to hardware store, find white or whatever color your tub is caulk and seal it up. Wha la! No more plastic wrap. Over flow thing sealed forever.
I've done it in every house I've lived in.
As I like a full tub too.
Nice to get to read about you!
Best wishes with the move!

Janet said...

You had me at Harold and Maude, one of my most favorite movies :-) And the sound track, by Cat Stevens, is just amazing :-)

Love Lush projects...and ooh, look, you mentioned The Dark Knight! I'm a tad obsessed with that movie, and it's not cause of Batman, let me tell you. In fact, I hadn't seen a Batman movie until this one.

I made a similar recipe for Christmas breakfast last brother loved it!

That knitting after the it a pot holder or a cup holder or? It's pretty, whatever it is!

BeadWhisperer said...

Hi! I made the jump from The Manor, nice to 'meet' you. I'm not a knitter, I am a beader and fellow crazy cat lady, and Lush fiend.

I'm settling in with one of the kitties to read your Ramblings!

gwensmom said...

I hope you are having fun moving and basking in your new blog fame.

I love the shoe fairy too!

Starshine said...

Oh, my goodness! The poem you chose for SCT on Derfwad Manor was HILARIOUS! Totally my sense of humor. That could be the voice-over for a Saturday Night Live sketch!